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LUSH Fresh Masks: Catatrophe Cosmetics & Cupcake

If there's a LUSH product that fascinates me (and there are a lot of them currently living under my roof), it's the fresh masks. Mainly these two, they're delicious and powerful!
I've talked about Cupcake here and here, but Catastrophe Cosmetic is the new kid on the block!

Cupcake is meant for combination or oily (or even normal) skin types, specially acne-prone. In its ingredients, we have: Rasshoul mud, cocoa powder, linseed infusion and vanilla absolute (to offer the comforting scent). It smells amazing, of vanilla-ed chocolate, and it's pretty thick; it's a purifying mask with no harshness whatsoever - perfectly compatible with my skin, even now, when it's a bit sensitised due to acne treatments. It draws impurities and dirt out, still treating your skin nicely and leaving it comfortable - no itching, dryness or tightness. LOVE IT!

Catastrophe Cosmetic is a calming and lightly moisturizing mask that offers our skin its needed rest when we're using a lot of makeup. In its ingredients, we can find: blueberries, calamine powder, blue chamomile oil and Irish moss gel. It's less thick than Cupcake, but still a bit more than your usual face mask. It has chunks of what I think are blueberries and it smells pretty well too - it's a fresh and calming, yet sweet, scent with a strong blueberry base, of course. It has a detoxifying effect on my skin, but it's still soothing - it will leave your skin clean and serene. Again, it's very comfortable on the skin, even after.

They're both fresh masks, which means they must be kept in the fridge and last up to a month. In my opinion, if you have in mind the number of times you can use them, they're pretty accessible, price-wise. So I encourage you to try them, if you get the chance!
I LOVE 'em both to death! And I will definitely repurchase! I've only ever tried one other fresh mask by LUSH, which was Cosmetic Warrior - I won't be purchasing that soon because I do prefer Cupcake and my trouble lately has been more with the pimples and not so much with the blackheads. But I did recommend it to a friend who is loving it (not the smell, though, ahah) and reports seeing even better results that I did when it comes to blackheads :)

Have you ever tried a fresh face mask by LUSH? Which one is your favourite?