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LUSH Million Dollar Moisturiser SPF 30

lush million dollar moisturiser spf 30

This moisturiser by LUSH came in the mail last summer. I initially stashed it away because I must admit I did not agree with a few other moisturisers I'd tried from the brand and my skin was really acne-attacked and sensitive at the time, I didn't want to make it worse. However, now that it had settled, I decided to give it a fair try as what it is: a luminous moisturiser.

Well, Million Dollar Moisturiser*, described as a bionic facial moisturiser, is almost like an everything in 1: ridiculously hydrating, SPF 30 (which is pretty high) and it even has illuminating specks (although very subtle, not chunks of glitter at all).
I tried it for the first time and realized right away it was quite special. But, though I loved the unctuous feeling and its scent (which is divine, for me), I also had to acknowledge it wasn't built for my skin type (even if it was desperately dehydrated, it was just not dry enough). So I passed it on to my sister...
Now, I don't tend to review stuff that I pass on to others because it's not my experience, but I am. And that alone should tell you how infatuated with this product I am - I saw the results from the outside.

A little about my sis Bea: her skin is ridiculously, extremely, desperately, like-something-out-of-this-world dry (think a Sahara-like complexion, I've tried dozens of moisturisers for the driest skin types, even atopic ones, on her and nothing has worked quite well); so it's a lacklustre skin that is always patchy and breaking out from the incredible dryness (she's also very lazy so having to put on a separate SPF is just utopia for her).
So this, as you can probably see now, was a godsend! The list of ingredients is yummy for real and the brand says "we've spared no expense in making this; with protective sunscreens, evening primrose oil, shea butter, jojoba, honey and lavender to keep your complexion smooth, soft and safe from the sun". And it did, indeed! I swear that, within a week of only using this in the morning, her skin did a 180 and cleared up almost completely (she now has the occasionally time-of-the-month spot instead of the acne-riddled skin she had, which we actually thought was hormonal before she tried this). Her skin turned from sandpaper-dry to baby-soft skin with a fabulous glow whenever she wears this, even under foundation. And, of course, the SPF 30 in it is also a huge plus and helped a lot!

So, summing up, even though the price tag is quite hefty for a LUSH product (is it their most expensive one!?), it is fabulous for (lazy) people with extremely dry skin types. It is too much for normal to dry ones, and let's not even mention oily to combination here, but it's definitely a huge find that both she and I had given up looking for - it's worth every penny and she will definitely buy it when it's over since it's the only thing keeping her skin in check (even if it ends up being me buying it since she's still 16 ahah).

Have you tried any LUSH face moisturiser ou even this one?
What do you think of the brand?

*PR Sample