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LUSH Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

lush oatifix fresh face mask

You know I love LUSH's fresh face masks, you do. I spoke about Cosmetic Warrior already and Catastrophic Cosmetic and Cupcake too.
You also know I love moisturizing masks, so today I bring you Oatifix. For the description of this mask, I always thought it might be too heavy for me (nonsense) and just thinking of the potential banana scent made me cringe. However, when my skin dried up drastically due to acne meds, I decided to give it a shot (specially for the oatmeal). And how I regret taking so long to try it!

First, if you hate bananas and their smell as much as I do, do not worry: they don't smell like the fruit at all, they smell like vanilla with a touch of oatmeal and almond, as it should be :)

Furthermore, it is the simple best hydrating mask I have ever used in my entire life! True story... The best one!!
It's super hydrating and nourishing - only 10 to 15 minutes before my night routine and I wake up with satin-princess-skin!! I have never woken up with skin as beautiful as when I put this on the night before. Haven't I sold you on it already?
Even if your skin is combination (and I dare even say oily), do not let that keep you away from this wonder! (If you have any doubts, just ask for a sample at a LUSH store, Lushies are always the nicest!)

It does leave a kind of oily film (not greasy, just not squeaky clean), but that's the magic of this mask, don't worry, it won't clog your pores (and my skin is highly acne-prone, so I know what's up).

I don't know what more to say... I will repurchase this forever and ever and ever!

Have you tried any LUSH fresh mask yet?
Did I peak your interest?