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MAC Stone & Matte Royal

mac stone and matte royal
mac stone and matte royal swatches

If you've been keeping up with me on YouTube, you would've seen these two MAC beauties on my last haul and I've had them for quite a while as well (I've ordered them the day they were launched in the US back in June). However, I know they've just been launched in Europe so here we go.

When the new Matte lipsticks came, I was so seduced by these two unique shades:

Stone (which had been previously launched as a limited edition I think and whose shade was actually already sold as a lip liner) is a taupe-y, greyish brown lipstick. (I love grey lips!)
It's super comfortable and creamy and lasts a long time with an admirable homogeneity. I think it will be a huge staple for me come winter.

Matte Royal is even more unique and the perfect indigo lipstick I've always wanted. I thought it was quite easy to apply even without any lip liner or brush, but it's definitely matter and harder than the former. It has to be applied quite carefully and in layers though to obtain a perfect lip colour, otherwise it can be a bit patchy (though it doesn't cling on dry patches).
It obviously dries the lips a bit more than Stone but nothing compared to the Retro Mattes (it won't come close to Ruby Woo).

Basically, I'm in love! More and more I become fascinated with uniquely interesting lip shades and these two lippies were incredibly well accomplished on my book.
The new Matte lips however include more "normal" shades such as pinks, nudes, peaches and so on.

What do you think of Stone and Matte Royal? Beautiful or too out of the box?
Do you have any MAC lippie on your wishlist (new or old)?