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Macadamia's Flawless Cleansing Conditioner

macadamia flawless cleansing conditioner co wash
macadamia flawless cleansing conditioner co wash

For a while now, I've been putting aside the traditional foaming shampoo and opting for the new hair tend: co wash. Now, if you haven't heard about it yet, it basically consists of washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. It may sound weird, but, if you have extremely dry hair and scalp and feel really itchy and uncomfortable after a shower, this is probably for you!
What happens with me is that my oil production on my scalp (that, then, descends throughout my hair) is not enough to keep it balanced moisture-wise... I wash my hair once a week only and just because it collects some "dirt", not because it gets oily at all. So, when I used to apply detergent shampoos, specially with sulfates, the hair would get dull, brittle and lifeless and my scalp would become red, irritate and itchy (because it's so dry and sensitive and I have psoriasis).

So, and mainly because of the amazing boom of sites and blogs dedicated to textured hair types (like Naturally Curly), the cleansing conditioners were born! What a dream!
I had experimented some before and I even tried washing with a traditional conditioner as well... So I had to try this Flawless by Macadamia!

It's described as a mousse, but do not frown... It's not a detergent mousse, it's a creamy mousse, kind of like a shaving cream. It's pretty soft and hydrating, it cleanses the scalp without stripping it of its natural oils, which I desperately need, and, really, washing my hair just became the relaxing and soothing experience it should be instead of the mess it was.
It's not too heavy and rich like some I have tried that are meant for textured hair types, so this is perfect for everyone and is even better for me (as I do apply a mask afterwards all the same).

For you oily hair gals, this might be a pass... But for the drier, textured, damaged, colored hair types, this is a godsend! I only find one con: it has a wincy bit of silicone... Even though it makes hair shiny and slippery, it does form a kind of shield around the strands - which is good because it protects them from the damages the world brings to our hair, but it's also bad because it makes it harder for the hydrating and nourishing treatments afterwards to act 100%.

Summing up, it's a wonder! And I will repurchase!

Had you heard or have you tried this trend yet?
And what are you favourite Macadamia products?