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MAKEUP GEEK: Swatches + Review

makeup geek eyeshadows
makeup geek eye shadow swatches
(left to right) I'm Peachless (DC), Peach Smoothie, Sorbet, Homecoming, Frappé, Roulette, Cocoa Bear, Morocco, Poppy

makeup geek eye shadow swatches
(left to right) Bitten, Steampunk (DC), Flame Thrower (F), Vintage, Moondust, Ritzy (DC), Mesmerized (F), Prom Night, Bedrock

I'd been promising this post and video for a while so here we go right to it! I have been madly in love with my MUG Eyeshadows, like they are so beautiful it hurts my eyes. I am not gonna be describing every single eyeshadow because the swatches say it all but I'm going to group them into categories so you can know what to expect from each, texture-wise.

Matte: Peach Smoothie, Sorbet, Frappé, Cocoa Bear, Morocco, Poppy, Bitten, Vintage, Bedrock

Foiled: Mesmerized, Flame Thrower

Sheen: Homecoming, Roulette, Moondust, Prom Night

Duochrome: I'm Peachless, Steampunk, Ritzy

More fallout: Peach Smoothie, Frappé, Cocoa Bear, Bedrock

More Buttery: I'm Peachless, Roulette, Steampunk, Flame Thrower, Mesmerized

More Chalky: Sorbet, Peach Smoothie, Poppy, Bitten

Overall, they have AMAZING quality and I don't really regret buying any of them, even the chalkier ones because they still are pretty workable and the shades are so unique and lovely. If there is one I don't recommend, it's probably Sorbet, but I do not regret buying.
I actually have two more eyeshadows on the way so I might update this post later on, but I'm sure I will be adding more and more!
The palette they're on is a Lavender Z Palette from the Sunset collection.

You can watch me use some of these eyeshadows in the latest video, here: