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Mascaras of the Moment

I've been playing and trying some new mascaras lately... Well, let's get right to it: Beauty UK's Define FX* is the worst of the lot... Even though the brush looks amazing and right up my alley, it doesn't do anything for my lashes... No volume, no curve, it just brushes them and leaves a little black behind. I try and try and I just can't make it work! And ditto for Avon's Mega Effects, that I won in one of their facebook contests - no! Can't use it, honestly... It's just a hot mess! With time, the "control" of the quantity of product that comes out just gets weak so I end up painting more of my lids than my lashes. It just doesn't work with me!
Beauty UK's Extend FX* is just a plain, basic mascara... Meh! Not great, but not terrible! In my opinion, it isn't worth it, unless you already have pretty fantastic lashes to begin with (which mine aren't at all).
Then we have Maxi Lash by Guerlain that came out in a Portuguese beauty box and was a big surprise... I don't usually like these kinds of brushes but this one I loved! Approved! It does a pretty good job extending and curving my lashes (for those ladies who don't love extra-demanding plastic brushes like I do, I know you're out there)! Thumbs up!
Clinique's High Impact is pretty adored by a lot of fellas and, in performance, it's similar to the Maxi Lash, but inferior... Between the two: go, Guerlain, go!!
So we get to Babydoll by YSL... Oh my!! If there was ever a day when I thought I'd never find a good match for my eyes other than Telescopic by L'Oréal, I was wrong! Babydoll's brush is just so lovely!! The formula... Well, that is a true disappointment. I got a travel size, also in a beauty box, but later went for a full size. So, to start with, it kind of breaks off so we end up with little flakes of black near our eye zone throughout the day... But the saddest part, that I hadn't even realised until I bought the full size, is that the formula dries up pretty quickly inside the tube, within 1 month and a half, 2 months top!
Last, but not least, my second favourite is Benefit's They're Real*, and I think the only problem with it is that the formula also flakes off a little... Otherwise, love the brush - curves, volume and all!!

Summing up... The chosen one is really Babydoll! I think I can get more curve out of Telescopic, but more volume with the YSL... I'm still wondering if I'll repurchase, but my guess is yes! :)

What about you? What mascaras have you been using? Which ones do you recommend?
And have you experimented any of the above?

*PR Sample