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MAVALA Double Lash

I've always loved eyelashes! I think they're the cherry on top of the whole look!
I've also always had very plain and flat eyelashes... And, while I whined and whined to my aunt, she told me she also used to have flat lashes but, then, she started using the mascara Telescopic (that really pulls your eyelashes and makes them stay curvy) and she started "training" them. And, now, the lashes, without mascara, are flat, but, with a demanding one, they're super curvy!

Sceptical, but hopeful, I started to train my lashes! And, I promise, this theory holds up! Moreover, when I spend one week or so without using mascara, I notice the difference right away in their flexibility.
However, even though I had them on the perfect point, I always had A LOT of lash-loss ahah - and that would result on an awful "hole" in my full-fat-lash look. And that just ruined my whole makeup!

I went hunting for the ideal lash serum. There are loooaaads of them, but, if you've done your research, you'll know they are expensive as hell! So I decided to opt for a cheaper one as the first of the collection: the Double Lash, Lash Enhancing Serum by MAVALA.

Does it work? Oh yeah, it does! It's not a miracle worker, but, within a month, you can definitely tell the difference: the lashes are slightly stronger, longer and less prone to fall! I still have the occasional "hole", but these happen less frequently and I notice that my lashes are way longer - this is specially noticeable with mascara on. (If you start using it, take a before picture so that then you can see the difference, because you get used to it and it's probable that you won't even really notice it without comparing the two pictures.) But I think you can tell the slight growth on my pictures, specially in the lashes near the pupil and in the middle.

So I hope to, whenever, experiment more of these lash treatments and I will report results. But, if you're on a budget, this is a good option because it isn't that expensive and it is worth it!