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May Lindstrom: The Honey Mud, The Clean Dirt & The Jasmin Garden

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I'd been flirting with The Honey Mud by May Lindstrom for a while - it all started when I read about it on the No More Dirty Looks blog. When I contacted May, she was super nice and adviced me to start with The Honey Mud and The Clean Dirt. She was so generous she even offered me a nice discount code for one purchase on her site to review the products. I didn't hesitate and purchased them right away! When I got the package, I realised that, for my surprise, there was a third product in there that hadn't yet been launched but May thought I'd enjoy trying out. (And she was right, thank you so much!!)
So May Lindstrom is a north american brand of organic and artisanal cosmetics. Each product is handmade with a lot of care and love. I love its philosophy and its products.

"artisanal. epicurean.
euphoric concoctions for the beauty gourmand. be LUMINOUS.
vibrant. glowing. healthy. alive. at ease.
skin is delicious. it is sensual, delicate, and erotic.
skin is intimate. it envelops, seduces and protects.

So I was told to use The Honey Mud daily and The Clean Dirt once a week.
The Honey Mud is really like a kind of mud with micro exfoliating particles (and I really do mean micro, you can barely feel them), it's kind of sticky but, at the same time, very soft and silky, very cozy on your skin and it smells of chocolate, honey and orange. Wonderful!! I massage it into my dry skin (after removing my makeup) and let it act like a mask for, at least, 5 minutes. Afterwards, I will take it off with warm water... The "mud" turns into a milky solution that comes off really quickly. I love it! I love it! Yes! It's near its last days but I will definitely repurchase! My skin stays so soft and hydrated and smooth... It won't dry out skin or "offend it" at all! It's almost like a little at-home Spa and, if you like spending a little extra dough on your skincare, this is the brand to splurge on!
Unfortunately, I don't have time to use it every single day but I do my best and use it everytime I can!

The Clean Dirt is a kind of clay that the brand defines as "micro-dermabrasion" that, if you don't have sensitive skin, you can use daily... "An energizing blend of cleansing clays, warming spices and healing salts lifts impurities while a surge of H20-activated Vitamin C encourages cellular rejuvenation and increased blood flow."
I use it once or twice a week, depending on my skin's sensitivity. I'll add a splash of water to the "dirt" and rub it very carefully on my skin (beware, this product is not for hypersensitive skintypes... my skin in sensitive and can handle it, but I don't think it could in its worst days). I let it sit on my skin for about 15 minutes (it's possible and very normal that you feel a hot tingling sensation... While with the exfoliating Glycolactic mask by REN I don't feel a thing, with this product, I feel a little tingle, -nothing special). Afterwards, I add warm water and go scrubbing it very lightly until it comes off completely...
The end result? Super soft and bright skin! I recommend it! It's like a powerful peeling at home, very effective!

The Jasmin Garden is a mist that can be used as a toner (before moisturizing) and/or after your routine, even after you apply makeup (like a refreshment). It smells deliciously well, I don't really know of what though... But the scent is typical of the brand. It's very refreshing and, in spite of its strong scent, it doesn't irritate skin at all, even soothes it. I always carry it around with me and I'm so sad it's getting near the end because it's not being sold yet... It shouldn't be long now though!

You can get these products in Europe at Cult Beauty, since today, and at Amazingy. They're quite pricey, that is true! But they're so worth it... Mainly The Honey Mud! I can't even explain it...
I am also so excited to try The Blue Cocoon :)
Had you heard of this brand before? Did I spike your interest?