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More Odacité Lovers

odacite pure elements pimples bl + c oily acne-prone gr +g
odacite pure elements pimples bl + c oily acne-prone gr +g

Odacité is one of those brands that I've known for such a small time yet I bring it in my heart already. It's organic, expensive and luxurious but DAMN, it is worth it! It's worth every scent. I'd done a little intro to the brand here but I can't stop investing in it, much for the sadness of my wallet.

Today I bring you these two lovers: Pimples and Oily and Acne-prone. I spoke of them both in the winter favourites video and I've been using them religiously.
For oily and acne-prone skin types, these oils are the best ever. I usually apply Pimples during the day and Oily during the night but I do apply Pimples topically in the AM though if I'm breaking out bad. These are super concentrate and pure and they can be mixed so you can apply 1 drop of Pimples and 2 of Oily, for example.

They're the only oils, besides Luna, that work on healing breakouts more quickly and they really purify your skin without stripping or irritating it.
What more to day? I'm in love! Only downside is that, using generously, like I usually do, these 5ml tiny bottles barely last one month. But they do go a really long way. Plus, these two are probably the cheapest ones.
You can also try these sample kits for acne-prone skin types as well.

I still have the Radiance Effect oil to test here and then I'm going to throw myself into the seasonal oils that sound amazing!

Have you tried the brand?
Or are you already over me raving about it?