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MV Organic Unusual Double Cleanse

mv organic skincare gentle cream cleanser 9 oil cleansing tonic

Hello lovelies! I am back - she said for the millionth time.
I'm not sure what drove me away from the blog but I think, like my YouTube, I was being so demanding with myself that I eventually lost interest. Lol. I'm a complex being ahah

But let's jump right in!
Today we're talking double cleanse... But not like the one we usually speak of!

You're obviously no strangers to the Gentle Cream Cleanser by MV Organic Skincare*, which is a big holy grail for me! I love it in the morning, specially since I've been using so many abrasive anti-acne treatments... My skin gets super sensitive and I really just want the softest more gentle cleanser I can find. Which is this one! Promise!!
No film or residue left behind so honestly great for all skin types. It's just all around beautiful!

I used to think it was overpriced before I tried it. I mean... How much do we usually shell out for cleansers??
But it's worth it! Believe me, if you've got the dough laying around, this cleanser puts all cream cleansers TO SHAME! Second bottle. Forever love! It's ending. Going for a third!

But now for the first time I'll be talking about their 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic* - which, again, I thought was overpriced for a cleansing oil. Except. Well. IT AIN'T A CLEANSING OIL! It's exactly what the name suggests, despite my preconceived notion of what a cleansing oil is - IT'S A TONIC!

Sorry for yelling at you so much. But this baby is actually a very lightweight oil that you massage onto your skin AFTER cleansing (with the cream cleanser or another cleanser). You massage and activate circulation for a few minutes and then press a hot cloth against your face for a few seconds or minutes (as long as you can muster for the tonic solution to penetrate as deep as possible) and then you can either let it be or wipe it off.
Because I am combination dry I tend to wipe it off, otherwise it might break me out and make me too oily. If you're a dry skin gal, please feel free to let it sink in completely.

But again, what is this??
Well, it helps with circulation on your face and helps cleanse your pores deeply and keep breakouts at bay.
Does it work?
I myself of course still have acne because it's a hormonal issue, but it does help soften the blemishes and helps them heal faster with less irritation and discomfort. If you have surface congestion or acne due to dry skin, this might work even better for you than for me!!!

Definitely one type of product I'd never tried. But I'm so freaking happy I did!! This is a bit on the expensive side as well, but it lasts a pretty long time since you only need a few drops of it and it's a pamper-product to be used 2-3 times a week.

As always, natural and organic skincare is the best for my skin and I feel like every time I go off my usual HG organic products my skin looks worse!!!

What do you think?

Have you ever tried any of these or any other MV Organic product?

I feel they are specially good for dry and sensitive skin types, including sensitive acne-prone babes!

* PR Sample