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My Clarins Beauty Staples

clarins beauty staples comfort douce micellar water exfoliator

Clarins is one of the few high-end french skincare brands I trust with my sensitive skin. I've been using it since I was teenager. However, with my skin's recent changes, I had to shuffle a few products around and these have become my new favourites.

The Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser is a kind of high end micellar water. It's very soft and efficient, it will remove all your makeup in a few swipes and, even though is has a strong peachy scent, it does not irritate my skin. With micellar solutions, I usually just drench the cotton disk in them so that it glides across my skin instead of being pulled and irritating - this works perfectly with that method. The brand says you don't need to wash it off and I must admit I've tried it on very lazy days and I don't think it dries my skin or upsets it but I do usually cleanse afterwards with my weapon of choice.

The Extra-Comfort Anti Pollution Cleansing Cream* (this is the travel size) is a very gentle and soft cream with a strong but lovely scent (that does not irritate). When my skin is really troubled, feeling extra dry or tight I opt for a cleansing balm or oil, but on those other days, this is just perfect. It's comfortable and it's a great cleanser, it feels like it does a deep cleanse but it does not irritate your skin or dry it out - your skin will be fresh and baby-soft by the end of it.

The Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is an extra step I tend to do one to two times a weeks (as recommended) after I clean my face and before I apply my regular toner. So I just pour some of this on a cotton disk and gently swipe it across my face. The results are visible and it's still super gentle (in cases of hyper sensibility you can try to use it only once a month; my skin is pretty sensitive but usually twice a week is ok - when we're talking exfoliators, always try to understand what your skin is telling you: what is just enough and what is too much). Plus, it last a really long time!

So then I follow up with my **[Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion](, which is wonderful! I absolutely adore Clarins's toners and I've already tried the green one for oily and combination skin, but, now that my skin did a 180 on me, I decided this one was http://fave.co/1HGKj88)**the way to go (there's also a yellow one for normal to dry skintypes, but this one seemed more appropriate with the acne irritations and all).
I know a lot of people skip toner and you really shouldn't because the toner will try to keep your skin's PH level balanced, since it's almost always a bit disturbed when you do your cleansing. (It's also important to choose a toner that is alcohol-free and all the Clarins ones have that amazing quality.)

So these are my Clarins favourites, what are yours?

*PR Sample