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My Divine Family

I think that all of us sighed when this CAUDALIE range came out! Yes, the divine oil was already out, but the rest came well in place! Unfortunately, I don't have the candle, but I wouldn't mind it at all - I loooooove the woody, summery-sunny scent of this divine range.
But let's cut through the intro...

Divine Scrub* I've already introduced you to this latest love of mine. I still love it! It's a scrub that may deceive you into thinking it's harsh (effect that'll last less than 5 seconds), but will melt into a gentle, caring exfoliating milk for sensitive skin types. Its oils (argan, grape, hibiscus and sesame) will lightly hydrate your skin and will leave it smelling incredibly (as I've said before, the scent is very similar to Flower by KENZO - those of you who love somewhat-sweet, strong and woody scents, will love this). I recommend it!
Rating: 5 / 5

Divine Oil I had to experiment it! It's a face/body/hair oil that's divine indeed! The long-lasting scent is hypnotising and the oil will nourish your hair in an unexplicable way, I like it a lot!! For body use, it's a great alternative to using a moisturizer during the day... I think nobody enjoys waiting for the cream to sink in before getting dressed and getting out the door... I can say I hate it myself! And, with the absurd typical Portuguese-summer-heat, it all gets sweaty and slippery, it's a horror! This oil will absorb very quickly and subtly hydrate your skin. I have actually never used it on my face though... I'm scared because of my acne. But, overall, I like it and I approve it! ;)
Rating: 5 / 5

Divine Legs Finally, the huge hit! And maybe the one out of the three that I'd let go... Let me be clear, I don't dislike it! I think it does what it sets out to do very well - it darkens the skin a bit without the look of a fake tan, it doesn't stain the clothing and it comes off very quickly in the shower. However, they don't tell you that it doesn't smudge unless it's extremely hot (which, nowadays, is almost everyday and I do want tan legs in the hotter days too). When it's really hot outside, our legs gets kinda sweaty and they rub against each other, so it's possible (and very probable) that it'll smudge a bit. Not a fun time! The formula seems to run kind of dark, but it does suit every skin tone when spreaded out well and patiently... And, in cooler (or even less hot) days, it works perfectly! But for almost 30€ for 100ml, I wanted something I could use throughout the summer, since my vampire legs creep people out ahah
Rating: 4 / 5

Summing up, I think it's an outstanding product! I love CAUDALIE, it's a very trustworthy brand... I will definitely (re)purchase the oil and the scrub... But I don't think I'll get the tinted lotion again because there'll always that fear of smudging... Between vampire skin and smudgy skin... I'll settle for the blood-thirst!

Which products from the Divine Collection have you tried and which ones are your favourites?

*PR Sample