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My Favourite False Lashes (AD)

This post is partially sponsored by FalseEyelashes.co.uk.

I've been hunting for a good lash box for a while to store my used yet still usable false lashes so when I found it I knew I had to share it!

This one is from Flutter Lashes, you can shop the white version here and the black version here. It's so handy because it has 3 lash drawers, holding 18 pairs of lashes altogether. And there's also a handy taller top drawers where you can store your accessories - that's where I store my glues, applicators, scissors, etc.

And since we're here I thought I'd share my favourite lash styles at the moment:

eylure 141 lashes false eyelashes uk

The Eylure Exaggerate #141 are super lightweight and band-free. They give a natural yet full and long look. Ends are wispy but not crossed.
Buy here for £5.95.

colourpop doll false lashes

The ColourPop lashes in general are great quality, they're super satiny and soft. My favourite are the Doll Lashes (the Minx ones are also really cute).
They're beautiful for a natural fluttery look.
Buy here for $8.

lilly lashes faux mink miami false lashes

This is my first pair of Lilly Lashes, I've always kinda wondered if they were worth the money, being so high end. But I definitely understand the allure.
These are the most dramatic and fluffy yet lightweight lashes I own. They're also very wispy so they don't look too full on while still adding drama.
I wish they did more faux mink styles as I fully intend to stock up on them.
Buy here for £29.95.

anastasia beverly hills abh fashion false lashes

I'm so so happy that ABH started doing false eyelashes because they are SO GOOD.
My absolute favourite are the Fashion lashes, they are so wispy yet look like an extension of my natural lashes, I always get so many compliments on them. I think they're perfect for pastel colours.
Buy here for £12.

primalash d11 false lashes

The Primalash #D11 Lashes are absolutely gorgeous! They fan out and are extremely glamorous! Wispy and fluttery as well, a perfect look. I've yet to try more styles from them but I have a few I bought recently I'm excited to used.
Buy here for £7.

What are your favourite lash brands and styles?
Drop them below as I'm always shopping for new ones :)