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my lip heroes

dr lipp nipple balm nuxe reve de miel lip balm

My lips are as dry as it gets... I use a lip balm all day, every day. And not having some type of fat on top of my lips is just sincerely uncomfortable - lovely result of taking roaccutane, even if I'm not currently on it.

So last year, due to that insanely high dosage of vitamin A, my lips went so raw and swollen I couldn't even eat or sleep (I'd drink through a straw, yes yes).
So I tested a thousand different lip products - these two were by far my favourite, specially for nighttime.
Dr. Lipp's Nipple Balm is pure 100% organic lanolin. It has the texture of vaseline, kind of, but thicker and soooo much better (nothing to do with one another really, vaseline is not even hydrating, it just creates a protection film). Rêve de Miel, on the other hand, is a matte balm that is super nourishing and has a wonderful citrusy yet sweet scent. They're both amazing on their own but they shine brighter together, in my opinion: I apply one layer of the Nipple Balm followed by another layer of the Rêve de Miel and it's heaven!

Have you tried any of these lip balms? Which is your favourite lip balm ever?