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My Little Dermalogica Squad!

Dermalogica review ultra calming cleanser daily superfoliant active moist medibac clearing breakout control

So a while back I was invited by Dermalogica to have one of their free Face Mapping skin analysis. So I went to their Westfield stand and was looked at on the spot, no appointment or anything.

The girl who examined my skin was super nice, she had an angel's touch and used her magnifying visor to look at my skin properly (all over makeup) and she was spot ON about everything. I am usually very wary of skin consultations because a lot of "skin experts" out there are so misinformed and stuck in their traditional ways... But this girl was the bomb! And she knew all about all!

She told me my skin was rather healthy, with the exception of the congestion and dryness on my chin (check!), dryness under my eyes (check!) and pores a little large on my cheeks (check!).

She then took one of their face charts and wrote it all down, zone per zone. And recommended a precise routine for me that was surprisingly gentle and enticing!
She also went through all the products calmly and extensively and provided me samples of ALL OF THEM.
No pressure to buy whatsoever, she even recommended I double-check everything on their website and take a little time to think of the products I wanted to try out first AND invited me to come back in a couple of weeks for another free skin analysis to see if there was any improvement.
For real, I was impressed!

Moving on to the real important part: I shared my prescription with the brand's PR team and asked for my favourite 4 products of the bunch (it was hard, fam).

Let's start with this typically boring, yet incredible effective *UltraCalming Cleanser****, which is gasp a gel cleanser. I hate gel cleansers, you know that! This is the exception. It's a gel but it's surprisingly gentle and mild, actually rather creamy!? It does not lather at all and leaves my skin pretty clean and calm. Love it! Can't deny! Even I am shocked!

Following that up, we have the AGEsmart Daily Superfoliant*, which is a newer and gentler version of their bestseller Daily Microfoliant (which I've never tried).
This is meant to be used daily. I use it 2-3 times a week because I also love my toner acids and masks and all that stuff. But this IS incredibly gentle - it's a sort of powder that you mix with water to create a paste and then massage over your skin for about a minute. It does lather up a little but that foam does not dry up skin!? Again, I'm as surprised as you are. It does have some rather large grains but THEY. ARE. SO. SOFT! My skin usually hates all and every kind of mechanical/physcial exfoliation but it doesn't mind this texture whatsoever somehow... Hmm!

Now we have my absolute fave mediBac Clearing Breakout Control*, which is a milky lotion that skins in fast and leaves no residue behind. It's a fermented formulation with the gentler antibacterial ingredients, such as azelaic acid, tea tree oil, zinc sulfate and colloidal siver - which treat acne effectively without irritation or dyness.
LOVE THIS BOMB-ASS BITCH! Yes! It does help soothe pimples and help them heal faster, when applied topically on problem areas.
And I really want to try their Overnight Clearing Gel next!

Finally, their Active Moist* is a very standard moisturiser that is light but kind of moisturising. It's definitely not enough for the whole face in the winter... As I've said in my last video, I've been using two textures now - a lighter one all over the face and a heavier one over that on my chin which gets really patchy and flaky due to my breakouts there and that is the only way I can keep a healthy glowy skin, not too oily, not too dry. This is my morning lighter version at the moment!

And I can't wait to try their AGEsmart Antioxidant Hydramist, which also sounds delish!!

Summing up, I am so pleasantly amazed by Dermalogica which previously hadn't wowed me one bit. Their products are super gentle and effective.
And I can't wait to try more!!
There's no real luxury here or fancy feeling. They look basic, they do what they set out to do and I'm pretty happy with that!
Have you tried anything Dermalogica yet?

*PR Samples