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My Love for Macadamia

A while ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to try out a sample kit by Macadamia and I loved it! So, when I saw this kit with 4 products + comb, I just had to get it!
Macadamia is a brand that tends to the needs of all the existent types of hair: from baby fine hair to thick and curly or coiled hair, offering an unique level of moisture and control over our own hair. To do that, they make a cocktail of the most amazing ingredients and mix macadamia and argan oil, which are rich in fatty acids - Omega 3, 5, 7 and 9 -, reparing the hair from the inside out! Sounds good, doesn't it?

Well, the kit has the following products:

Rejuvenating Shampoo, which is an amazingly nourishing shampoo - that has no sulphates, which, as you know, is very important to me for many reasons (it won't irritate my scalp, it won't encourage my psoriasis or eczema, it protects my color and won't strip my skin and hair of its essential natural oils my hair so desperatly needs). It cleanses the hair with care and it moisturizes. You can't ask for more!

Deep Repair Masque... You probably heard of this: it's wonderful!! It smells amazing and has a very pleasant and creamy texture, that's not too dense or heavy, so I think it won't weigh down the finer hair types. It moisturizes and nourishes intensely, while also repairing the damaged tresses. I highly recommend it! I think it's actually my favorite product!

Healing Oil Treatment - probably the most iconic product of the brand. It's an oil that is quite dense and has this sweet powerful scent. It puts my rebel hair in its corner and, at the same time, treats it and makes it healthier. To be honest, I think it might be too much for fine hair - I don't know, because mine is crazy thick, but that's what I get from the texture... However, I do apply it from root to ends so, if you only apply it on your ends, it may go well... For drier and more damaged and rebel hair types: try it out because it's so worth it!

No Tangle Leave-In Conditioner. Look, to be honest, this product stood in my shelf for a long time because I simply did not know how and when to apply it: before or after what? And this happened because the expression "no tangle" got to me and I didn't simply think of it as a regular leave-in... It wasn't until recently that I found out that this is the perfect (PERFECT) product to apply on curly and frizzy hair when you want to dry brush it (something I usually do before I wash my hair). It's fantastic! It really helps untangle the hair and, if you do it carefully, even on the most complex and damaged hair, it won't hurt at all! Gotta love it!

With this kit, I also received the Oil Infused Comb, which is said to be infused with the Healing Oil Treatment, so that it will treat your hair as you comb it... Hmm, I do not know if this is true (and how long it lasts, because it cannot last forever), but, with all the products I apply, including that very same oil, I can't tell you for sure. But it is a handy comb, indeed!
Also, with the initial sample kit, I got the No Tangle Brush, whose design is identical to the Tangle Teezers (which I also have), but this one is so much more pratical because of its ergonomic shape and design! After using it so much, there is simply no other brush I can use... Yes yes!

Well, it kind of looks like I'm in love... I know it sounds impossible to like so many products of the same brand (and I haven't tried them all), but, believe me, this is one of those branda you want to try!
PS - When I want to blow dry my hair straight, this oil is the best thing ever... The hair slides so much easier and I even think it dries quicker - sleek straight!

Have you tried anything by Macadamia Natural Oil? Which is your favorite? :)