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NICCE: London's Streetwear | AD

NICCE london grey black womens hoodie streetwear
NICCE london grey black womens hoodie streetwear

My relationship with activewear and sportswear is so long and complex. I've always hated sports. Yet I've always loved to dance and, when I joined a dance academy in 9th grade, sportswear really came into play for me. (Also, sidenote: my mum is absolutely obsessed with activewear ⏤ she'd wear it daily if allowed.)
For me, it's like buying pajamas: I hate spending money on activewear but I love buying it and love the feeling of new pieces! And here enters NICCE, a London-based streetwear brand that was born in 2013 and brought to life two of my favourite themes ⏤ activewear and minimalism. Oh how I love minimalism! I could go on all day about it (even though I'm not a minimalist myself, I'm rather more eclectic).

Their pieces are simply exquisite to me. Even a basic grey or black women's hoodie from NICCE are so simple but so cute. Most of magic is the logo and name itself ⏤ clean, short, aesthetically pleasing ⏤ and the contrast between the logo colour and the hoodie's colour.

If you've known me for a while you'll know I'm a hoodie kinda girl. In highschool I used to actually sometimes wear an XL hoodie over skinny jeans and that would be my outfit. So when NICCE wanted to collaborate with me I was beyond excited!
It might seem like just a simple piece of clothing but it's so beautifully put, so well constructed and thought-out. The fabric is so soft and such nice quality and the fit is that of a cocoon. The first day I wore it I swear I felt like a baby being swaddled, burrito-style. Even when I became a little warm I didn't want to take it off, that's how comfy I was.

NICCE london grey black womens hoodie streetwear

As I'm working from home at the moment, any day that I'm not actually going out into the city, I am "activewearing". Leggings and hoodies have been my partners in crime and I can definitely tell you my NICCE wishlist is huge now (including their swimwear, which is gorgeous).

So what are your thoughts on activewear, do you love it or hate it?
And does it make you feel lazy or confident?

I think a lot of people still look at activewear as lazy clothing but, to my eye, it has come such a long way, so many beautiful pieces are coming out every year. If I'm wearing activewear that I love, I'm absolutely confident!

* This post is part of an advertorial campaign with the brand NICCE.
However, all opinions are my own and I only accept paid sponsorships with brands I know, have tried and love.