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NIP+FAB Teen Fix

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While I might not be a teen anymore... Jeez, I have not been a teen for five years, that's kind of depressing!!
Anyway, that doesn't mean my skin isn't still teen... Well, kinda!

My acne has not yet realised I am a 24 year old adult and will. not. rest! I have mostly been controlling it through oral supplements (Vitamin A + Fish Oil specially), but the occasional pimple still sneaks through my tight-ass skincare routine. And, when that happens, it's time to attack!

Now, I don't attack it as I did when I was 14 - which was stupidly and ignorantly applying overly drying and irritating products to already halo-dried pimples. Nowadays, I use gentle acne-fighting ingredients only and the occasional secret weapon.
And the Teen Fix bunch by NIP + FAB*, to be honest, seemed a bit too much careless for my I-can't-afford-to-be-dried adult skin. But it's not! It actually surprised me.

The Breakout Rescue Pads* are by far my favourite product. I was scared they were going to be too alcoholic, irritating and such... But alcohol is at the bottom of the list and this is surprisingly vanilla on my sensitive skin - no redness or stinging. It does the job and they are very affordable.

The Spot Zap roll-on* is a little stronger, alcohol first into that inci list. Though, as it is topical, I decided to try it. And I don't hate it!! Is this even me writing this article? Yeah, I don't hate it at all. Doesn't dry my pimples out too much, doesn't even create halo patches and helps them heal faster! Five stars from me!

The only product I'm iffy about is the Zero Shine Moisturiser*, simply because I'm no longer a teen and my oily skin is no longer just oily but also very dehydrated with fine lines starting to settle in. So a mattifying product is no longer on my list of loved products! My boyfriend's been using it though and he likes it so...

All in all, it's a good range!
I was surprised to see the regular non-acne pads from NIP + FAB are actually loaded with alcohol so beware when you try those.

Have you tried anything else from the brand?
I surely haven't but do want to! It's an affordable yet delicious brand, not gonna lie.

*PR Sample