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NIVEA Lip Butters

You've probably heard about these NIVEA lip butters by now! Or you've even been windowshopping them... I had been for a long time and decided to finally purchase them on ebay! I'd love to experiment all the flavors (Original, Vanilla & Macadamia, Caramel Cream and Raspberry Rosé) but these two were the ones who caught my eye! Everyone who knows me knows that the combos raspberry + vanilla and raspberry + white chocolate are gold for me!! :)

On to the butters, there's people who love them and people who don't like them at all! I LOVE THEM!
They both have slightly different textures: the raspberry one is creamier and the vanilla one is lighter. But they're exactly what I thought they'd be when I heard the expression 'lip butter'! And, oh my god, the scents! The scents are absolutely delicious! Divine! It's like smearing candy on your lips! YUM!
I love them and use them only before bed because they are thick, they're kind of a layer of fatty and moisturizing oils that sit on your lips all night long! Sometimes, when I wake up, I can still feel a thin layer of it there! And, I know there are people who hate this kind of product and feeling and they prefer something that'll sink in, but, in my lips, if it sinks in, then the moisture will never last all night. I, then, wake up with flaky and dry lips.
I've read reviews where people compare them to vaseline because they "just sit there" but I hate vaseline, it's not like that at all. They're way creamier and nourishing! And they don't just sit there... They absorb - they just sit there for a longer time, which I appreciate.

So I think they're wonderful, amazing products for those who need A LOT of lip moisture and nourishment during the night and for those who love sweet tasting lip products! ;)
I will re-purchase them forever and ever and they really last a while. I've using the raspberry one for about three months every single night and it's like that!

(Oh, another thing I love is that the tin is larger than the usual lip balms so I can smooch the product instead of dipping my fingertip on it (which I absolutely hate!!))

Rating: 5 / 5

Did you know about these butters? Do you want them? What kind of lip products do you prefer?