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NUXE's Crème Fraîche Masque

nuxe creme fraiche masque

This Crème Fraîche "re-hydrating" mask by NUXE is a treatment for the face as well as the eye area (something I already do with my hydrating masks, but better when it's recommended) for all skin types. Its formula is pretty light and fluid. The scent is typical of the range, very fresh and a little sweet, overall pretty pleasant - I admit the first time I smelled it I got a little put off because the fragrance was strong enough that I thought it would irritate my skin, but it didn't (my skin is usually reactive but not too reactive; when it's really acting up I'd rahter stay away from products with perfume - if you suffer from hypersensitive skin, maybe skip this one and try Bioderma's Sensibio or Avène's, otherwise give this one a go).

In comparison to the other hydrating masks from french pharmacy brands (mentioned above), this one is lighter and really feels like a light cream because it absorbs pretty quickly. It's lightly hydrating but not over the top, not extremely nourishing... So it's prefect for combination and oily skin types that aren't extremely dehydrated and just need to freshen up.

You can choose to leave the mask on overnight, as it does absorb quite nicely, or take the excess off with thermal water or the toner of your choosing - and proceed to your night-time routine.

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