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Oil Up Those Lips!

Lip oils are becoming a trend and I'm so glad that's true! I looove oils! Facial oils, hair oils, body oils, oils everywhere! However, these two could not be more different:

Yüli's Cellular Lip Conditioner is a serum-in-oil that is very liquid and slippery (so much so that I find it hard to slap on a layer of any kind of lip balm in stick over it). It works exactly like a serum... It has fantastic ingredients but it won't do alone, you won't be able to use only this, specially in the winter. However, it's an excellent addition to your lip routine (if you have one ahah). The scent is pretty soft and nice and it really does soften and nourish the lips (on top of that, the bottle lasts ages because you only need as little as one drop each time, even though it is a roll-on).

The Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil*, though, is a kind of gloss-in-oil. It has the same texture as a good, creamy lipgloss but it's way more nourishing and hydrating. (It comes in this shade, Honey, and in a rosy shade, Raspberry, which I must confess I'd love to try). It has a doe foot applicator but it's not a regular one: it's wider and so, so much fluffier, it's like swiping on gloss with a marshmallow. And the scent is just something out of this world - you do know I love sweet scents and this is such a cosy, cocoon-y one.
I'm pretty amazed, to be honest, because my extremely dry lips don't respond well to most lip products, but they love this one - they get all soft and smooth.

All in all, these two are absolutely different and they don't replace each other. I will, I'm sure, try more lip oils, but these two were an awesome introduction to this new hype.

What do you think of this new trend? Have you tried any?

*PR Sample