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Oils For Oily Skin

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As promised, today I bring you my collection of oils for oily and acne-prone skin types. There are few on the market (a lot fewer than the oils for dry and mature skin types), but they do exist! And never underestimate the power of an oil. I'd say a routine without an oil, no matter the skin type, is always incomplete.
However, I did let my Odacité oils out of this, because it's just another story, they're different and wonderful but their not in the same league as the ones I bring you today, so it's not even worth to compare. But if you do want to know more about them, read this post.

Let's start by order of arrival at my house, which is also the order of the photo. YÜLI's M.E. Skin Fuel is a lightweight oil that is rapidly absorbed but super nourishing, without ever clogging your pores. I must admit I adore it and it's my saviour when my skin is really dehydrated. It has a ton of good lipids for the oilier skins and it really balances them out, hydrating the drier areas (like those horrible halo dry patches that surround pimples sometimes). It really just calms and softens the skin. Described as a "nutrient powerhouse that feeds your skin". And indeed it does. It's expensive, but worth the money if you can invest.

SkinOwl's Beauty Drops in Lavender was one of those beautiful and unexpected surprises. Well, I was just adding stuff to my Cult Beauty cart to get one of those famous Goodie Bags and I was in need of a purifying oil. And I bet on SkinOwl. And it was pleasantly surprise, I must confess! I wasn't expecting to like it so much because it's not a very elaborate oil. It's super simple but the truth is it's effective. I usually switch between this and the YÜLI, depending the action I want. The one above is more comforting and nourishing, this one is more calming and purifying. It does a bang up job and the price is excellent. It's basically argan oil with a few drops of lavender oil, both of which I had tried before, but never with this result! (Believe me, the quality of the ingredient makes ALL the difference. I get a lot of comments saying you can buy this and that cheaper at the natural food shop, and you can. But is the quality the same? I can tell you that it rarely is. I see that in my Odacité oils as well - the quality of the ingredient matters.) I am basically recommending this left and right to everyone I speak to that has acne-prone skin and, for the price, it's a hell of a find.

Lastly, we have Sunday Riley's Artemis, which was in my wishlist for a long time before I gave in to all the amazing reviews and bought it. However, it is sadly not for me. It's the heaviest oil of the three and the smell didn't bother me but it is quite strong (beware, sensitive noses) - it's not necessarily pleasant but it's herbal and didn't bother me much. However, it's too heavy and my skin doesn't absorb it fully... Do I wake up with princess-soft skin? YES. Does it also leave me with a few whiteheads? Yes... I do believe it's a good oil for oilier skin types that do not have problems with acne and just need to balance it out, but I cannot, at the moment, recommend this for acne-prone skin.

And, here it is, the breakdown of my oils for oily skin collection.
Have you tried any of these?
I specially recommend the SkinOwl for beginners to these type of products because it's no-fuss, so easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Plus, it's affordable, comparing with the competitors, and it comes in two sizes. Win-win-win.