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OSKIA Renaissance Duo

oskia renaissance cleanser and mask

Oskia is a brand I've been longing to try for a while - and I still want to try more of it. But my first bet was actually one of the most hyped cleansers recently on the british blogs.

Renaissance Cleansing Gel had kept me away for quite a while because I thought it was really a gel - when we're talking about gel formulas, I hate everything, everything about them, except hyaluronic acid masks. However, in a video from Anna, I realized that it wasn't really a gel we were talking about. The term was used loosely because, to me, it's kind of a jelly that turns into oil when it warms up to the skin (and turns milky when it touches water). I always remove it with my Konjac and I love it! I swear this will be my fave morning cleanser for quite a while.
It's super gentle and nourishing, it really cleans the skin without stripping it of its natural and necessary oils and it will leave your skin pretty calm and in harmony the whole day. When this bottle goes to the bin I will have another one to back it up.
And if you think it'll be too much for oilier and acne-prone skin types, don't fool yourself: it's perfect!

Renaissance Mask was one I never actually got to buy, though I wanted to, because I got a deluxe sample size in a Cult Beauty goodie bag (and I got a second one in the last bag). So it's also a kind of gel-jelly formula that turns really creamy when its spread of the skin. You let it act for 10-15 mins and take it off with warm water. Skin is soft and luminous.
Now I wouldn't say this is one of my favourite masks and I don't even know if I'll purchase the full size one when these two are done, but its a good mask indeed. Specially for the sensitive skin types because it doesn't irritate or burn or tingle, there's not even any redness and it still functions as an exfoliating mask.

Obviously the star is definitely the Cleansing Gel, but they're both pretty welcome to my skin. I'd also love to try the Perfect Cleanser, the Super 16 Serum and the Bedtime Beauty Boost mainly.

Have you tried out anything from Oskia?
What is your favourite product or the one you'd like to try the most?