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Parfum Divin by Caudalie

I think this post has the perfect timing. Here in Portugal, the Summer has arrived, but it doesn't seem to be convinced as to staying... But, no matter, because we have this divine scent to comfort ourselves.
As you know, I am an unconditional fan of this scent... It is, in fact, divine and long lasting! There's nothing not to love about it!

I know some people already used the Divine Oil as a perfume, but no need no more! The Divine Perfume* is here to stay and it had brought us the same old famous scent, only more long lasting than ever!

To me, when the world 'vanilla' is uttered, there's no need to say anything else... But, since we're doing this:

Float away on a cloud of alluring scents with notes combining Bulgarian rose absolute, Moroccan rose essence, Virginia cedar, vanilla, and spicy pink pepper. The gorgeous mirrored bottle, topped with a beautiful beechwood stopper, gives the appearance of being infused with pure gold.

Well, this is the perfect scent for the ladies who don't like to part ways with the sweet and somewhat strong perfumes in the Summer... It's the perfect hybrid, combining the unforgettable scent, captivating and delicious, sensual and playful, with that perfect fun Summer-y scent.
The package is nothing but love too, one of the most beautiful ones around. I do love the Oil packaging indeed, but this one takes the cake! I can't not admit that, in these matters, I'm quite shallow and I'm swept away by the cover... Because it matters! Who wouldn't love to have this beauty on their nightstand/shelf/bathroom/...?

If you haven't had your way with this absolutely divine scent I'm all about today, you don't know what you're missing!
And, if you do know it already... Have you tried this perfume? Do you love it?

*PR Sample