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Rahua Wonders

rahua elixir finishing treatment review

Today I'm here to talk to you guys about a brand that I love! The luxurious, organic and unique Rahua.
Last year, when I was on roaccutane and my hair basically fried, I turned to the Rahua Elixir in desperation. (Yes, I am aware this is ridiculously expensive for a small hair oil, but I was that desperate.)

The Elixir is a powerful bottle of pure rahua oil, which is very rare and great for hair. I will say straight away that fine and normal to oily hair types do not need this at all and will probably not be able to take it because it's very nourishing, dense and heavy. But it's great for coarse, brittle and very damaged hair like mine (anything chemically treated as well).

This is my second little bottle and I can tell you right away that it's a product I cannot live without now. My hair is really thick and veeery dry and I still dye it (as well as take some vitamins to control oiliness and acne that affect its health) - this oil helps me keep it silky and nourished. I've tried a million different hair oils but this definitely stands out clearly.

The Finishing Treatment was purchased later on and it's a kind of leave-in nourshing paste - again not quite for hair that does not need intense hydration and can't handle the weight. I love it as a leave-in conditioner and it lasts a long time because a little goes such a long way. However, while I do find the Elixir holy grail material, I think I could get a nourishing leave-in as good as this one at a cheaper price.

Had you ever heard of Rahua?
And, do tell, were you ever this desperate with your hair? (I ended up cutting most of it off and "starting fresh", but, until then, I suffered quite a bit.)