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(re)introducing Odacité

odacite skin boosters pure elements

If you have been watching my videos, you know I've been a bit obsessed with this brand.
It's an organic cosmetic brand that has a lot of products, but their stars (and the only products sold in Europe at the time) are the Pure Elements - tiny bottles of pure and concentrated oils that attack any skin concern you might have (including oily and acne-prone skin). There are 18 different ones and you can mix and match, see here their Elements table.

The first one I bought was the one for hyperpigmentation, Pa + G, which I loved and repurchased (I raved about it here). My spots eventually faded away almost completely and I started to invest (for much of my wallet's dismay) in more of these skin boosters.

I will say what I said in my latest Empties video again - none of these products disappointed me at all, but, if you're just getting into this brand, I would recommend for you to start with the more unconventional oils (like the ones for pimples, oily skin, anti-spots, sensitivity, ...). I say this because you can find a million hydrating and nourishing facial oils but very few or even none of the rest of them. So it's a pretty unique brand that I've come to love.
Their oils are fresh and have no preservatives and that's why they're tiny - they're supposed to last you about a month so that their ingredients are at its freshest and most effective state. You can apply them directly on skin or mix a few drops with your regular moisturiser.

I specially love the pimples (Bl + C) and the hyperpigmentation (Pa + G), but the eye contour (Ba + S) is also pretty wonderful (it's cheaper since you pay the same price for the same amount but you end up using way less). However, I'm pretty curious to try the hydration (Po + R) and the oily-acne prone (Gr + G).

They're little. They're expensive. But they are efficient and I will definitely keep purchasing from this brand (all the while hoping anxiously for the day Cult Beauty decides to stock their seasonal serums).

Had you heard of Odacité?
Which is the oil that you would choose?