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REN Exfoliating Masks: Glycolactic vs F10

As you know, I love the F10 mask by REN, but I'd been curious about the Glycolactic mask* for a while. For those of you who don't know (and who doesn't?), these two masks work as chemical exfoliants... Actually, according to the beautiful Mia from Make Down, the Glycolactic mask (original formula) is a chemical exfoliant and the F10 mask (formula for sensitive skin-types) is an enzymatic exfoliant. Well, my skin is sensitive but it is never hypersensitive unless I'm doing severe acne treatments, so I always kind'a wondered if it could "handle" the original and more potent formula (yes, this is what I think about during the day, like, for example, in the commute from home to uni and vice versa!).

So the brand kindly sent me this sample to compare them. And here comes the good news: my skin loves it!
These two masks aren't that different... The texture is pretty similar: only the F10 has some exfoliating grains, while the Glycolactic is grain-free. The scent is pretty alike too! The effect... Now, that's a bit different: Glycolactic is much more effective.

Supposedly, using the F10, you shouldn't feel anything discomfort on your skin but, with the Glycolactic, it would be normal to feel it sting a bit - nothing special. The truth is I don't feel anything with either of them! No redness, no discomfort, no tightness, nothing! And another truth is that I kind of miss the exfoliating grains in the Glycolactic mask because, sometimes, I feel that the "exfoliated" skin doesn't come off completely - I end up using Avène's Gentle Purifying Scrub while taking off the mask (this has happened to me once: while not removing the mask with a gentle scrub and just the cloth (because mine is made of bamboo fibre and is much softer), when I was massaging my night cream, I felt little bits of skin just "rolling around"... Not pleasant!).

Summing up: if you skin is not really absurdly sensitive, opt for the Glycolactic because I don't find it aggressive at all and it takes exfoliation to another level! It's wonderful! ;)

What about you? Have you tried either the F10 or the Glycolactic masks? Tell me all about it!

*PR Sample