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September + October Empties

Better late than never so let's get to it - the products I finished these last two months:

Raw Coconut Cream by RMS BEAUTY I used this product essentially as a makeup remover/cleansing oil. I liked it a lot! Didn't cause any breakouts! It left a certain film but it's a natural oil and that's only to be expected - it wouldn't turn into a milky solution like most cleansing balms, so I took it off with a bamboo fiber cloth or a cotton ball/disk. Summing up, I like it! However, you can buy cheaper versions! :)

Argan Elisir Beauty Oil by HELEN SEWARD If you could feel this scent... It's the scent of the gods! The best I've ever felt on hair products in my WHOLE life! I like this oil... Well, it's not really an oil, it's half oil, half sillicone serum, but I like its effect! It's not a hydrating oil as much as it is a finishing oil! But I do like it and I'd happily purchase it again, yes! A rare brand that I loved! ;)

Retexturing Activator by SKINCEUTICALS Oh, why do you keep on running out, love? Yes, recommend! Love it and will always love it! If you want something to exfoliate lightly, even for the most sensitive skin types, this is the product I recommend! I like it, would (and will) repurchase it :p. For a full review, click on the title.

Effaclar H by LA ROCHE POSAY Love it! It's great and I already have another one... It's one of those products that you should always have around if you're constantly using acne treatments! I will always repurchase it because it's so good and cheap! ;)

Take The Day Off Balm by CLINIQUE Hmm... I used to love this balm cleanser... Until I went natural with cleansing oils! I feel they're less irritating and I realized this balm could even be the culprit of some of my post-night-out pimples (I used it for heavier makeup). It emulsifies so it's not as good for acne-prone skin. But, if you haven't got it, then experiment it because the texture is delicious and really gets it all out!

Absolut Repair Cellular Special Serum by L'ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL Yes! Yes! Yes! It smells really well, and it works... It's super fluid and I love it as a finishing oil, plus it really hydrates my ends! I've had about a thousand of these, but this is one of those products I come back to! Like it! :)

False Lashes Extensions Mascara by L'ORÉAL PARIS Nope! I know a lot of people love this but it really does nothing for me! It doesn't "pull" my lashes enough... I feel like it only brushes them a bit... Haha I bought it because my regular Telescopic was sold out, but I did not like this at all! And, if you like the original Telescopic, you probably won't like this one either... On the other hand, if you do think the original one is a bit too much (which happens, some people have told me this), this one can be a good option!

Directions Semi-permanent Conditioning Hair Colour by LA RICHÉ in the shade Lavender Yummi! I know I still haven't shown you my lavender hair (half-pink), but I will do it soon! One of this little pots is already gone! I love it! And I already have two on stock, 'cause they're tiny! :)

Natural Touch Deodorant by DOVE (travel size) Meh! I don't know what to say... No deodorant, pharmacy or drugstore (or high end) that I experimented until today has lasted me all day and I don't even sweat that much :\ (Gross beauty talk, huh?) I will accept tips and recommendations, if you have them! :p

Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment by REVLON (deluxe sample) One of the hair-world's seven wonders! Didn't win me over... I feel so meh about this product that I didn't even finish it... Nothing! I won't purchase, hell no! I know there are people who love it, but, for my dyed-hay-hair, I need more!

Pure Jojoba Oil (travel size) I recommend it to people who have oily and/or acne-prone skin! It's great! The jojoba oil is really similar to the oil our skin produces, so it kind of tricks the skin into not producing so much (nifty trick!). I like it a lot, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin without pissing it off or clogging pores. Love it, will repurchase!

Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil by KIEHL'S (sample) I love this! Once again, good for acne-prone skin (but any kind of skin too really) because it won't clog pores and it moisturizes and nourishes! Not as thick as the jojoba oil! I will purchase this in the future, yes! :)

Perfume Custo Barcelona by CUSTO BARCELONA (sample) I must confess I love me some Custo, their clothes are unique and I was educated to love the crazy patterns of the brand (that you, mommy). This perfume was used by a friend of mine about 2/3 years ago and I was always sniffing her! And, when I got this sample, I truly decided that I would come to purchase this perfume! Super fresh, wonderful and I got tons of compliments when I used it! Like! :)

Have you used any of these? Did you like it? Did you not? Tell me!