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sesderma repaskin serum spf 50 dna repair

Today, in this oh-so-sunny day (not), I write to you about this Sesderma duo - the repairing serum and the face sunscreen SPF 50, both from the range Repaskin.

My beach-vacations have come and gone and they brought me the opportunity to try a few new solar products. This duo (note that the sunscreen comes free with the serum) was as much convenient as it was inviting.
The brand Sesderma is Spanish and I usually trust my serums to it because they're hella good at it. So this wonder serum, that you can apply before, during and after sun exposure, as it repairs the damaged caused by it and calms the skin down, just seemed like a dream.
The truth is that when this baby arrived I got quite worried because the third ingredient was alcohol... My skin being extremely dehydrated and somewhat sensitive, I panicked a bit and was scared of trying it. And the perfume (probably used to cover up the horrible alcohol stench) was also quite strong.

I took a deep breath and contacted the brand for some explanation and they responded that the alcohol in the formula was perfectly safe and that the rest of the ingredients would balance the alcohol and actually leave the skin moisturised and calmed - so it would be suited for sensitive skin types. I wasn't all that satisfied with this and talked to the lovely Mia from the Make Down blog, who knows a lot more about this than I do, and she explained that the alcohol was presented here as a preservative (an alternative to the parabens, which I honestly preferred) but that, in all truth, it was also loaded with emollient ingredients that might make up for it. She told me to try it out myself and see how I got along with it.

Anyway, sorry for the huge text, here is where the action starts. I did try out the serum and the thing didn't go all that bad... It's a fact that the serum is actually quite emollient and comfortable on my skin, specially under heavy sunscreens. I didn't feel the skin tightening or stinging (except for the few days where my skin freaked out, but almost every single product I owned was burning at that time).
Supposedly, it has some enzymes that get activated by sun exposure and ensure a better protection against the sun, making this ideal to apply throughout your day at the beach.
Will it repair skin? I don't know and that's quite hard to point out since I'm a ghost and, therefore, avoid a lot of sun exposure so I rarely have any immediate damage. But it is hydrating and it works well in my beach routine.
(The packaging, though, is horrible. The texture of the serum is quite on the dense side so the dropper has a very difficult time picking up the product and dispensing it.)

The sunscreen is also quite a sweetie pie... Don't be fooled by the label, it is NOT a gel in cream, it is a nourishing cream (not exactly good for daily SPF, this stuff is for the beach). But it's super comfortable and not at all sticky or heavy - even for my combination and acne-prone skin. It has high protection, not only against UV rays, but also against infrared rays (which pleases me because most sunscreens don't have it and there are some studies that say that these rays are actually the worst in term of skin damage).

To sum it up, this wonder duo is great for almost all skin types, except ultra hyper sensitive ones. However, I did prefer the serum not to have alcohol in it, even it that meant it had parabens. What do you think?

Have you tried anything from Sesderma?
What is your favourite beach or pool SPF for the face?