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SPAUSA Portugal

A few weeks ago, I had the humongous pleasure of testing four products from the Portuguese skincare brand SPAUSA Portugal - 3 body products and 1 face product.
Before I start, I have to thank the Portuguese beauty box subscription MyDreamBox, without which I could never have had this awesome experience. It's an amazing service!
Well, I liked the texture of the products right away and their wonderful scent! But, as you know, I like to test my products well enough before I write a review on them (mainly the anti-cellulite ones).

So, the Chocolate & Amazonian Oils Sea Salt Scrub* from the Slimming range is one of those sea salt scrubs who are still soft and gentle but scrub pretty darn well. In fact, my initial thought about the texture was "Oh, this is just grains!" - and by that I mean that the product isn't a paste or gel with grains, it's basically just the grains. But, as you start massaging your skin with it, you realised they're embedded in wonderful oils that leave your skin oh-so-freaking-soft!! The scent is pretty chocolaty-strong and long-lasting. With me, it lasts about 5 hours really well and then starts to fade (but it's still there for like a day, specially when you use both the scrub and the cream). Yum!
The Liporeductor Chocolate Anti-Cellulite Cream*, also from the Slimming range, is a kind of deliciously creamy mousse, as you can see from the photo. It feels super great to massage it into the skin and it absorbs quite quickly, not leaving almost any kind of film ou residue. The scent is less strong but equally long-lasting. I love it!

Results? They aren't miracle products! (Actually, I do not think those exist!) But I am so happy with the results. The cellulite is softened and the ritual of using these products is just so, so confortable!! I feel like I'm wrapping myself up in my very own super-cozy cocoon.

The Amazonian Revitalizing Body Oil* is the best thing ever! Yes! I've experimentes NUXE's and CAUDALIE's, among others... But this... This is love! I never want it to end! It's thicker than both of the oils I mentioned before, the scent is delicately exotic and the results... Oh, my! The brand says "It repairs and nourishes intensely. Stimulates the formulation of a membrane to protect the skin against external aggressions." and I cannot disagree! I freakin' love it! I have to work a fatty moisturizer into my legs after a while because my leg skin is probably made of scales or snake-skin (or something), but, in the rest of my body, it's more than enough and it nurtures my skin, which is pretty dry.

Summing up, I expected a lot from this brand and it did not disappoing! It's good to know my country makes stuff this good! (SPAUSA is 100% Portuguese.)
I recommend all the products I talked about and I think I will purchase them after they eventually (very sadly) end! ;)

Had you heard of this brand before? Did I spike your curiosity?

*PR Samples from MyDreamBox