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Subtil Elixir & Secret de Nuit by PHYTO

These two products were on my wish list for a really long time... And, when I finally got the courage to get them, I was a bit disappointed.

Well, to start off, I must say my hair, as a whole, is pretty thick and dry. And these products aren't exactly bad... They're just not "potent" enough for the dryness my hair commands!
So I use the oil, not as daily nourishment, but as an intense treatment before washing my hair. That means, I leave it on the lengths of my hair for as much time as I can (30 minutes minimum) before I wash my head - I was never able to sleep with it on, because it just doesn't feel right to me, but, if you can, give that a try!
The serum is a night-time product that should be used before bed - it's a kind of leave-in conditioner that is half cream, half oil.

I'm not going to say a whole lot more... Basically, I don't think they're hydrating enough for my hair.

PHYTO is still a brand I respect and love! But not everything works for everyone and these two just didn't...