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printworks market sugar skull iphone 6 case sticker
printworks market sugar skull iphone 6 case sticker meow

A few weeks ago I was sent this beautiful leather case and three stickers by PrintWorks and, if you follow me on instagram, you'd seen I've shown this 2-3 times before.

But I just can't help myself and show it here again because omg they're so adorable!

The nude-pink leather case for my iphone 6* is just a sleek minimal one - very cute and secure. And you can choose from a few other colours (though my fave - mole - is sadly only available for iphone 7).

And then I asked for the sugar skull sticker*... Because, well look at it!! And also, you know I'm partial to skulls. And they sent me the other two as well - the feather and the so-adorable meow tiger!

I just love the look of the overall aesthetic of these! They're very playful and appeasing to me for the bright colours in contrast with nudes * gushing * and the textures are just stunning! The stickers are like foam stickers, which makes them all the more cute.

PLUS, you can change stickers anytime if you're feeling bored! The 3M glue in the back of the stickers is pretty damn resistant so it holds pretty well. But I haven't tried removing my skull yet, so I'll let you know how that goes over on IG stories sometime. I'm not bored yet ahah

Seriously, go check them out!
And also make sure to browse the rest of their store because they also do books and stationary! BEAUTIFUL stationary!

Are you in love yet?

* PR Sample