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Sunday Riley: The LUNA Miracle

sunday riley luna sleeping night oil retinol oil
sunday riley luna sleeping night oil retinol oil

Sunday Riley is the brand that's been on everyone's lips lately. However, the only product I'd ever tried from the brand until now was the Ceramic Slip (whose quality I enjoy but is a bit too stripping for my skin, as you can read here).

But when the Luna Sleeping Night Oil came out, retinol in an oil... I had to get it! (Also because it has been raved by everyone!)
I've always wanted to try retinol because of my acne scars and spots but was too scared of the secondary effects - and this is why this one is perfect. Here, you can find, not the traditional retinol, but, as Sunday says herself, its sibling: retinol ester - which offers about the same results without the unwanted backlash of the secondary effects. And, with that, I was sold!

So I ordered it and I was actually a bit afraid because of some reviews I had read... The first concern was the scent, which some described as foul and even migraine-inducing - I hardly even feel it, it's very soft and toned down and it will disappear once it absorbs, specially when you top it off with your other products. The other key concern was skin irritation due to several essentials oils being included in the formula, including Blue Tansy - it didn't bother me or my skin, though I'm not usually reactive to essential oils in general. And, with that out of the way, I began my journey.

What is it?

A retinol treatment in oil form. It addresses the skin concerns retinols usually do without the secondary effects (dryness, peeling, irritation, ...) but it also hydrates.

Who should use it?

Honestly, everyone. It's a treatment that is good for everything: spots, scars, dilated pores, dryness, wrinkles, etc. It's super soft and very efficient and it's good both for preventing and treating the existing problems.
Some readers have asked me if it'd be okay to use this on oily and even acne-prone skin and my answer is: HELL YES! I recommend it specially for acne-prone skin types because it makes an amazing difference.

How to use it?

It must be used only at night and it must be the very first product you apply on your skin after toning. All other serums and moisturisers and oils come after. Even though it's an oil though, don't worry because it's super lightweight and it absorbs pretty quickly so your serums will have no trouble absorbing. I usually apply 4 to 5 drops for the face, neck and décolletage, let it sink in for about 10-15 mins and then procede with the rest of my routine.


£85, it is pretty pricey, but worth every penny to me.


Honestly, if I had to choose one product to use for the rest of my life right now, it would be Luna without a doubt! Saw results the very first morning after using it, no joke. My complexion was clearer and spots were a bit lighter. Thought it was probably placebo but overtime it proved me I was not crazy.
I starting using it every 3 nights because I was scared it would make my skin sensitive or irritated but, as it didn't, I slowly graduated into using it every single night and it has been great - I did notice my skin a bit more dry in the first few days but that feeling has passed. Now I did get a few whiteheads and blackheads in the first couple of weeks but Hirons says that is normal and the truth is it hasn't happened since.
I saw miracles with this oil. I have had acne for 12 years now and have tried a lot of products from scars and spots and this was the only one with which I could see improvement from daily. In about two weeks, my spots stopped being visible through my sheer bb cream and I dropped the heavy-duty concealer (OCC's Skin Conceal). I also saw some improvement in pore size, though they're still pretty huge, they seem to be a bit more contrived - which I thought to be impossible.
When I do have a pimple or two, they heal much faster than they normally would and the spot left behind isn't as red as it used to be... This product is my saviour! I can even bet this is also the reason my skin has been more balanced, regarding oil production.
With the wrinkles, though, I did not see much improvement on the only one I have on my forehead. I do believe it works in prevention however... And maybe down the road.

Summing up, it's a pleasure to use and, even though the pricetag is rather hefty, it should last a loooong time - I've been using it for about a month and I can barely see the difference in the bottle. I recommend it to every one and their mothers (and probably grandmothers) unless you have really severe sensitivity and/or are allergic to essential oils (but, even then, I'd ask for a sample and see how you get along, just in case).
I definitely want to try more from the brand, including their other oils.

Had you heard of Luna?
And have you tried any other Sunday Riley products?