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Sunday Riley's UFO Facial Oil


A couple of days ago I mentioned on my facebook page that I had asked (once again) for a friend of my boyfriend's (they all hate me for sure, no joke lol) to bring me a few things from the US. And one of those things was the highly coveted new facial oil by Sunday Riley - UFO aka Ultra-Clarifying Facial Oil. That was launched with their new Martian mattifying gel toner (but I let that one pass because my skin is so dehydrated and sensitive, nothing mattifying ever works on me).

Having loved their Luna Oil and not so much their Artemis, I was overjoyed when they released an actual facial oil for acne. Not just for oily skin and impurities, but for actual acne. Hooray!
So I didn't even think twice about it, I added it to my Sephora cart and sent it to his address.

And it has been a delight. In comparison, it is waaaay lighter than Artemis, lighter than Luna and even lighter than SkinOwl's Beauty Drops in Lavender (which you know I adore). It is absorbed super quickly and, even though it has salicylic acid, it does not tingle or stress my face whatsoever - yet, still being perfectly fine used under makeup, doesn't go all patchy on you.

Now, does it purify? Well, yes. Yes, it does. It leaves your skin nourished (because it is still an oil) yet non-greasy or clogged, it does exfoliate a bit and I noticed my skin has actually improved in terms of acne. I still have the occasional pimple, always and forever. But the number of blemishes has, in fact, reduced ever since I introduced this beauty into my routine.

Is it worth the money? If you have it, then yes!! If not, SkinOwl's Beauty Drops is a great second option, but it does not beat this. Sunday Riley's UFO, in terms of efficacy, is shockingly right up there with the Odacité boosters. And you know I do not say this lightly.

Sadly, there's no date yet that I know of for the European release, but it will probably be available soon at Space NK and/or Cult Beauty.
What do you reckon? Do you think this will be a must-have for you or you're going to let this one pass? x