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Synergie by Odacité

synergie [4] immediate skin perfecting beauty masque
synergie [4] immediate skin perfecting beauty masque
synergie [4] immediate skin perfecting beauty masque

Odacité is love. Odacité is life.

You know I love Odacité, right? It's no secret, I've been raving about it ever since they've arrive at Cult Beauty.

At any given time, I probably have an army of Odacité Skin Boosters in my cabinet. I need 'em all. I need 'em always.

The brand's most recent launch was their Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Masque*. At first sight, it looks like a regular powder clay mask that you mix up with water or something... But it's not! BELIEVE ME, it's not!
This powder is sooo creamy! Ridiculously creamy. It came with a tiny bowl and whisk, which are cute as buttons, my mum was delighted. So I put a teaspoon of powder on the bowl, mix it with a teaspoon of purified water (you can use all kinds of ingredients though, like milk, yogurt, honey, ...) and whisk until the texture all creamy and lump-free. If you're feeling whimsical, you can add a few drops of your favourite Skin Boosters (or I guess just any facial oil you have in your stash), stir once again and apply with the brush - which is super soft and practical by the way.

So this masque detoxifies your skin in a super duper gentle way, like you won't even feel it tightening. I usually get a bit red after clay masks, even the gentler ones I had like the Aésop Parsley Seed Masque and the FIG + YARROW ones... But this one doesn't at all. Your skin is all fresh and renewed once you wash the grey mask off, super comfortable and radiant. Honestly, hands down, my favourite clay mask EVER. Yes, ever. It's replacing all my old favourites.

The Skin Boosters I currently have in my cabinet are:
Ca + C Sensitive Skin Serum** - a blend of camelina and chamomile oils, a touch of bisabolol along other flower oils; it's practically scentless and really calms the skin down.

Ba + S Eye Contour Serum - my second package of this rich, yet lightweight eye concentrate with baobab oil and sarsaparilla essential oil; I usually apply this before my night eye cream and it works wonders increasing the skin elasticity and softening the slight crow feet surfacing.

Pe + C Combination Skin Serum** - a first for me and I really enjoy it, with peach kernel oil and cypress essential oil; it soothes combination skin by balancing sebum production without drying the skin out or upsetting it (a great addition to all my other acne/oily skin concentrates).

Gt + L Radiance Effect Booster - a refreshing and energising lightweight oil that stinks of lemon (in a good way); with camellia seed oil and lemongrass essential oil, it really gives you that glowy-not-greasy effect and it wakes your skin up, specially good for mornings when you feel tired.

Bl + C Pimple Serum - an old favourite, as you must know (this is my third package), with black cumin and cajeput essential oil; it smells of spices and herbs, kind of like oregano I guess, but it's actually quite pleasant and it helps big pimples heal faster while it calms them down when they're acting all nasty and red.

Read my (re)introduction to Odacité and More Odacité Lovers posts for more Skin Booster reviews.

So you can pretty much mix and match all of these, with the mask or just by themselves. Absolutely IN LOVE with this brand. They're organic and the quality of their products is supreme!!

Yes, they're quite pricey, not gonna lie... Specially their oils, since they're so tiny with 5ml. But, if you can splurge, they're definitely worth your money! Promise.

Tell me, have you tried Odacité?
Did I finally wear you down to the point you're thinking of ordering a few bottles from Cult Beauty?

Again I must remind you they sell starter packs with 4 samples (1ml) of different skin boosters for you to try before you commit to one + a sample (1ml) of their Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème - they have 4 different kits: Sensitive, Tired + Dull, Pimples + Oily/Combination and Mature + Dry.

My next stop is the seasonal serums, yes yes! So excited to try them.

*PR Sample