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VITL Essentials 2: Daily Duo of Supplements

If you're a regular follower of mine, you know how much I love food supplements. I love all kind of vitamin capsules and I do believe they do so much for you! I cannot go without fish oil and probiotics (at the very least)!! When I was in the pits...

MV Organic Unusual Double Cleanse

Hello lovelies! I am back - she said for the millionth time. I'm not sure what drove me away from the blog but I think, like my YouTube, I was being so demanding with myself that I eventually lost interest. Lol. I'm a complex being ahah But let's jump right...

All Praise MV Organic Skincare

All hail MV Organic!! This trio has been featuring some of my videos lately and I just cannot get enough of them. Or this brand! I want mooooore! Let's start by my favourite though... The Gentle Cream Cleanser* is... What is says, actually. A very gentle cream cleanser. It sounds...

Synergie by Odacité

Odacité is love. Odacité is life. You know I love Odacité, right? It's no secret, I've been raving about it ever since they've arrive at Cult Beauty. At any given time, I probably have an army of Odacité Skin Boosters in my cabinet. I need 'em all. I need 'em...

Hi lovelies, I'm Raquel and I am a Portuguese beauty blogger living in London.

In this space you will find some of my experiences with beauty products. Peruse at your own risk and have fun with it!

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