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A few months ago, I was invited to try three boxes of Cellulase Pearls* and report results. Though I may be a little (or A LOT) late... It's true! Cellulase works. Wow, did I just spoil the whole post? Cellulase Pearls is a food supplement that helps combat cellulite. (There...

How To Fake That Tan

Today's post is, once again, related to today's video, which you can watch here. We're taking fake glow. It's summer! And we all love a good tan (even if like me, you're very pale and enjoy a very subtle one). So when I'm away from the beach, this is the...

Youth Lab SPF Team

I am back. So sorry for the long hiatus. Wasn't intentional but life gets in the way. So here we go! Youth Lab has been a brand I have consistently been impressed by. No shame, no lie. A while back they contacted me about their #solares366 and they sent me...

Valentine's Day at LUSH

I must admit I'm not very into Valentine's Day... It's a day like any other to me and it doesn't phase me much. However, these LUSH products have treated me well. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use them because usually pink products for Valentine's have sickly fruity...

Hi lovelies, I'm Raquel and I am a Portuguese beauty blogger living in London.

In this space you will find some of my experiences with beauty products. Peruse at your own risk and have fun with it!

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