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Eye Countour Gel by Spausa

This wonderful eye gel by Spausa* (100% Portuguese brand alert!) was sent to me by a national beauty box service called Dreambox around Christmas (I know... I know, I'm always late). As you know, I hate gel formulas. But, if every rule has an exception, this is mine! This anti-puffy-eyes-and-dark-circles...

SCARPRIN Silicone Scar Gel

As it seems, my readers are curious about scar treatments, so I brought you my review of the #1 cosmetic for those nasty bits, according to the internet (ahah)! Last year, I had a pneumothorax (click here if, like me (before I had it), you have no idea what this...

Hi lovelies, I'm Raquel and I am a Portuguese beauty blogger living in London.

In this space you will find some of my experiences with beauty products. Peruse at your own risk and have fun with it!

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