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Get Your Glow On!

Now, who doesn't love a good highlighter? I must confess I arrived a little late to the party, but, since I've started using this kind of product, I won't leave the house without it on... The luminosity of the skin is something I love and enjoy, be it natural or...

Dr. Jackon's Natural Products - 01 Skin Cream

A while ago (more than I'd care to admit, I know I'm always late), Lookfantastic sent me a couple of travel sized products for me to test. And one of them was really this 01 Skin Cream by the organic brand Dr. Jackson's Natural Products*. I was skeptic at first,...

Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive Skin Part II: Topical Treatments

Well, here is the second part of the article Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive Skin - the first one is here! If you haven't read it yet, you should! ;) So... this part is going to be about topical treatments for acne-prone skin. Usually, topical treatments are extremely agressive, drying and...

DARPHIN & DÉCLEOR Purifying Balm and Serum

We've come a long way in the beauty world and the idea that oily skin types should not be treated with oils is long gone! There are all kind of natural-oil-based products in the market nowadays for all kinds of skin types, including oily and combination! And, among them, these...

Hi lovelies, I'm Raquel and I am a Portuguese beauty blogger living in London.

In this space you will find some of my experiences with beauty products. Peruse at your own risk and have fun with it!

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