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Take The Day Off With Clinique

I came across this balm last year after one too many nights out. I started noticing my skin was tired and not completely clean. I don't use liquid foundation on a day-to-day basis, as I've mentioned. I prefer using a light compact powder to cover the imperfections and give me a little color. This is because I think an actual foundation is too heavy to apply on my type of skin everyday and, for people who have no skin problems, I think it's great and I wish I could do that. But for acne-prone skin like me, it just doesn't do. So after a few nights out using heavy make-up my skin broke out a bit, the pores were clogged. I had already read a small post about this product on a tumblr I follow, so I searched for it. It's a cleanser for when you think your make-up is too heavy, it deeply cleans your pores and unclogs them. I use this after a night out or even when I have regular make-up but I'm too lazy to take it off before going to be (like when I pull an all nighter at my college).

Texture: It's a dense balm but, as soon as it touches your skin, it turns into a fragrance-free oil solution.

Immediate results: The make-up vanishes as soon as you start massaging your face.
Long term results: Pores are cleaner and less prone to clog and break out.
Pros: It's practical, it can be used on your skin, eyes and lips. Also, it's non-greasy and non-drying.
Cons: Don't see any.
Rating: 5 / 5