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Tammy Fender: My Collection

Tammy Fender is a holistic skincare brand that I've lusted after for a long time before I bought the first product - this because they're quite expensive. But, after I started, it was like an addiction and I'm already on the third one (the anti-spot kit, that I'll tell you about later).

(Little side note: I completely forgot to take a photo of the textures so I will put a link to other blogs in each product description so you can see them.)

So let's start by the first purchase: the Antioxidant Crème - Neroli & Orange. It's described as a multivitamin for the skin, ideal for dry, dehydrated, oily and acne-prone skin types. All Tammy Fender products encourage cell renewal and help the skin heal - great for sensitive skin with acne or eruptions. This is said to have a lightweight texture and does basically everything: it balances sebum production (for more or less), it moisturizes and nourishes the skin, stimulates collagen production, firms and tonifies, while calming eruptions and toning imperfections down.
I must say I don't think this is perfect for oily skin types in the morning... But I love the texture! It's one of those creams that, if you use at night, when you cleanse in the morning, you can still feel a moisturizing layer on the skin - but it's not sticky or uncomfortable. The scent is wonderful and soft too. I loooove everything in this product!
The texture is light but creamy and comforts the skin, see here.
[Update 15 May 2016: They did change the formula of this cream. The new texture is as it's shown here. I don't like the new formula as much and I actually had to send my tub back because the product started to go bad halfway through the package. The people at Tammy Fender kindly replaced my tub and, at the moment, I am waiting for it to arrive so, if you're reading this and I forgot to update you on this, please do leave a comment and I will let you know how I got along with the second tub of the new formula.]

The Intensive Repair Balm - Chamomile & Helichrysum came shortly after, when I started my accutane treatment last time and needed something more potent for nighttime. It's a pretty creamy balm-like product, very rich and full of wonderful oils. It does pretty much everything the one before does, but more intensely, nourishing and hydrating the skin deeply - better for drier and itchier skin types, perhaps with eczema, psoriasis or even acne. It promotes cell renewal and also helps the healing of skin problems, while soothing and calming everything down. Right by the end of the treatment, I thought better to add a few extra drops of oil (my oil of choice was Kahina Giving Beauty Serum, but I thought it pretty capable of handling my dry skin otherwise. Love it! You can see the texture here.

Now this wonderul deluxe sample of the exfoliating mask Epi Peel came in a Cult Beauty Goodie Bag and I'm glad it did because I was super curious. And, fortunately, I got to try it before I bought it because it turns out I'm not a big fan.
So, this is described as a "facial in a jar" and, for those people who don't try much and just want a quick-fix mask, this might be quite alright. Though, for me, a beauty blogger who loves to try a million different masks and peels, I wasn't wowed. First, I thought it was too abbrasive for my sensitive skin... And, then, I'd rather just use two separate masks (purifying and exfoliating) than a 2 in 1... It's not that bad, really. But I've seen better (and cheaper). It just didn't blow me away, even though it's the brand's most famous product.
The texture is dense and has a lot of little grains (that I thought were too "sharp" for me, but if you have thick and dull skin, you might even love it) - you can see it here.

Deep down, I like this brand A LOT and I'd love to try more, specially the Spontaneous Recovery Crème and the Purifying Gel, even if the mask didn't get my love.

Had you heard of Tammy Fender?