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the acne-prone skin menu (low-cost)

acne prone skin routine low cost

Last week, I brought you my skincare routine for acne-prone and oily skin types - which I have been using a lot lately. However, it was a pricey, rather high end one and not very budget-friendly (specially if you're considering a haul). So I'll give you my low cost options for acne skincare - which aren't all that inferior honestly (the only thing I really miss here is the Luna oil, the only one I can't find a substitute for).
(I apologize for not using my own photo, but I do not currently have all of these with me. Some of these I have used in the past and no longer have the bottles, everything I've ever reviewed will be properly linked.)

So, to start with, we cleanse with the ClearCalm Cleansing Clay by REN. It's a kind of cream clay that is not as purifying as the Tata Harper cleanser, but veryyy gentle, sulfate-free and has no foaming agents. Your skin will be baby soft and pretty calm.

We follow up with a mask (and if you want to double mask, I will ALWAYS support you - a good first exfoliating mask is, of course, the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, mentioned here). And the actual mask I speak of is actually one of my all-time favourites, the LUSH Cupcake (complete review here and spoken of in the last video). It's a purifying mask that will not strip your skin of its essential oils and will even nourish it further - smells of delicious, decadent chocolate, very luxurious, and it calms teenage skin and adult skin that don't seem to want to grow up like mine.

Afterwards, I can't not mention this wonderful (and cheap) Purifying Lotion toner by Ducray - which I should've really included in the other routine as well actually, but forgot. Even though it says "purifying", it's really just a mild exfoliating toner for all skin types. It has amazing acids: glycolic, lactic and even a bit of salycilic. You can't go wrong here, it's great!

Next up, we have Sesderma's Mandelac (you know how I love Sesderma's serums, right?). This is a serum with mandelic acid (very gentle exfoliating acid) and mulberry extract, which help with spots and scars without pissing off your angry pimples; it also has hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to calm everything down; and stem cells that help repair the damage and encourage the skin to heal faster. Absolute winner!
After the serum, you know I love a good oil... But these are usually pretty expensive. A good exception to the rule in the Clarins Lotus oil, which was the first oil I've ever tried. I loved it so much, it kind of started my whole facial oil affair. Now, let's see... It is not comparable to the Luna oil because they serve different purposes (and Luna has retinol). It's perhaps a substitute to the Yüli one I mentioned in the other post: it hydrates and nourishes the skin, balancing it and reducing excessive oil production. For its price, it's quite a find!

And, finally, we have the moisturiser: Noviderm's Boréade SL. A smoothing lightweight cream that helps prevent the (re)appearance of acne, while hydrating and soothing the skin. It's quickly absorbed and not clogging at all, but it still delivers the moisture needed - which is always important, even for acne-prone skin types.

So here we have a simple and more budget-friendly routine. Instead of the approximate £330 the other post is valued at, you could get this whole set for about £90, give or take a pound.
Don't forget that acne-prone skin HAS to be hydrated and exfoliated just like other skin types. You cannot apply only drying products and hope it all works out - that will just result in angry, sensitive and damaged skin in the long run. Try to avoid sulfates in cleansers and alcohol in toners.

Would you like it if I wrote a post or made a video with acne-fighting tips? Tell me everything!
And, if you haven't done it yet, tell me all your favourite anti-acne products! Have you tried any of the above?