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The Blue Cocoon

may lindstrom blue cocoon reviewmay lindstrom blue cocoon review texture swatch

If you've seen my latest videos, you are already pretty familiar with the May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon. But I thought I'd dig deeper into that love...
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The Blue Cocoon is perhaps the most expensive product I've ever bought. Along with the Rahua Elixir. And I gotta say I don't regret either!

It's a very concentrate and potent balm that turns into a lightweight oil when it encounters the skin's warmth. It is so lightweight indeed it's hard to believe it ever was a balm.
It has a delicious cocooning scent, which is both fresh and sweet; it's very strong but not annoying or disrupting, just very pleasant overall. I always think the sensory experience of skincare is as important as the actual performance and result, and this is the best sensory skincare experience I've ever had.

Performance-wise though, it's so effective. It aims to calm and nourish your skin without clogging it or making it greasy, perfect for sensitive skin types and even acne-prone. If you're allergic to Blue Tansy or essential oils in general, I recommend you try a sample beforehand since it's so expensive.
I've used this as an after-sun every single day this Summer and I prolonged its use until now and I honestly think this is an all-year-round type of product. I'm sensitive? Blue Cocoon. I'm acne-prone? Blue Cocoon. I'm dry and flaky? Blue Cocoon. I'm oily? Blue Cocoon. There is no situation where BC is not perfect and I like it specifically to counteract the retinol side effects.
I use if after my serums and/or retinols and before my moisturiser.

This retails for £128 and please don't yell at me right away! Because this baby will last you a really long time. I'd say about a year or even more, applying generously - a little pea size dollop is great for you face, neck and decolletage, it goes a VERY long way.

UPDATE: The whole May Lindstrom range actually experienced a huge increase in pricing, specially in Europe. The Blue Cocoon now retails across the web at £174, not applicable to store discount codes either. It's a bummer, I will not get into the details, but please find them on this IG post by May

Have you heard of Blue Cocoon or tried it? Have you smelt it!? (You should!)

If you want to try a sample before buying the full size, Amazingy currently offer a 5-sample bundle on their store where you can choose samples from 5 products of the store (including BC) for under 8€ (shipping included).
May also is saying she is bringing smaller sizes to the market soon due to popular demand, but I'm not sure when that'll be happenening.

The large-knit grey blanket* is from Rosegal.