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dehydrated skin edit

It's been a while since I stuck to the same skincare routine everyday for a number of reasons: because I kind of started building up my stock and I do need to rotate every once in a while, because sometimes I feel like applying something lighter, sometimes something heavier (weather plays a huge role here), because I owe it to you and I actually love to try new things and, most importantly, because my skin asks me for different things on different days. And it has been super bipolar lately so I thought it'd be the perfect time to show you some of my skincare menus.

This one, as the name suggests, is for when my skin feels specially dehydrated. (I say dehydrated and not dry because they're different things and I will do a different one for dry skin - dehydrated skin asks for more water and hydration, while dry skin asks for more oils and nourishment, though they both crave a bit of both.)

So I start by cleansing my skin. And, when it's drier, more dehydrated or sensitive than usual, this is my go-to cleanser, the Aromathearpy Associates Soothing Cleansing Balm, which I spoke of on one of the latest posts. It's a suuuper gentle and soft balm that cleanses the skin thoroughly without stripping it AT ALL. This is my safe option for when my skin is more traumatised.

I follow that with a toner and I love my Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion or this Sisley Floral Toning Lotion. And the serums come right after (yes, more than one!). How I love serums! I'd rather have a good serum than a good moisturizer anyday. And I love to mix and match them. So I start with the Hylamide Sub-Q Anti-Age Advanced Serum (which I spoke of in the last favourites video), it is strong on hyaluronic acid, and, as we all know, that's good for skin because it helps to trap the moisture in. And I top it with a generous dose of this MartiDerm Liposome vial* with proteoglicans, which are also great to attract moisture to the skin. I've been having the chance to try all this different MartiDerm vial serums and I've been loving every single one of them, I think they should make variety packs. But, anyway, my skin tends to manifest its dehydration with excessive oil production so this Liposome serum is great because it's targeted for oily and/or sensitive skin types and it also helps to fight wrinkles, and, with tight skin, come fine lines. Win-win.

Because every drought day always asks for a mask, I started by applying the potent Flower Express Gel mask by Sisley* that you know I adore. I looove gel masks and have a few but this is probably my favourite - it won't ever disappoint!
So I let it absorb and then I spritz my face with the Queen of Hungary Mist by Omorovicza (delicious between layers and I've been using quite a lot while my wallet weeps) just before I apply the Aurelia Skincare Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser, which I spoke of here, and you know is charged with water and has a very light but creamy texture, perfect when applied on top of a gel mask!

To finish it off, I apply three or four drops of the Kahina Giving Beauty Serum (which is an oil) on my hands, rub them and carefully press them against the skin, as kind of a top coat to seal the moisture in.
(Of course I also apply eye creams, but that's a story for another day.)

Have you tried any of these products?
Do you keep a fixed skincare routine or play around with your products a bit?
And do you like this type of post? Would you like it if I keep going through my skin menus?

*PR Sample