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I've been wanting to try out the Glamglows for a while, ever since the black one came out here in Portugal. But I kept dragging it out till then, so here we are now.
However, I must admit I was surprised, and not in a good way... It's not that they're bad products, but they're also not amazing! And, for the price and all the fame, I honestly expected so much better.

So here they are:
The Thristymud is a hydrating mask that the kit offered in full size. The brand promises "extreme, deep and imediat hydration". Hmm... How about no?
The mask is super lightweight and I love the texture as it is so fresh and soft. The scent is also pretty amazing, all sweet and coconut-y. But the truth is that the mask is not special at all and probably the one I liked the least... It's lightly hydrating, fresh and nice to have on, but I don't really feel like my parched skin is soft, nourished and supple afterwards (as some of my masks have gotten me used to, and for the price, it is disappointing).

The Youthmud is an exfoliating mask that promises a "luminous and radiant skin (...), helps minimizing pores, smooths overall texture, absorbs impurities without stripping the skin and dehydrating it and helps protect it from the free radicals". Its action is pretty similar to the Aésop Parsley Seed Masque I spoke about in the last post, but it's less purifying and more exfoliating. I don't think it unveils a more illuminated complexion, as promised, but it does help clear up the skin without drying it out. But, for that, I do prefer the Aésop and it's also cheaper. I also believe the exfoliating action comes more from the grains than the formula itself, and scrubs stopped being my thing a while ago.

Finally, the Supermud, the white one, is maybe my favourite. It's a clay mask that is very, very liquid and "prevents and treats problematic skin types (...) It helps fight all of the skin's problems, including dilated pores, blackheads and whiteheads, pimples, spots, shaving irritation and ingrown hair and absorbing oiliness, bacteria and toxins." What a huge promise! It's, in fact, the most purifying and, as such, the most drying - not too much, but a little more. I do feel it calms the skin, however (as weird as that sounds, it's true) and that the skin is perfectly, ridiculously clean when I use it... But, while I'm thrilled I don't have acne right now, I am sad I didn't get to try this when I had a full-on acne attack.

Summing up, well... I do think there is better stuff out there. I thought this brand was all flash, no substance and I don't really think I can reap the reward it promises... The products are a little expensive and, for me, not worth the buck. So I don't think I'd repurchase any of them, but if I did, it'd be the white one.
I've tried, however, one sample of the Brightmud Eye Treatment, which I've heard amazing tales of and I did like it very much.

Have you tried any of the Glamglow treatments?
And, if so, did you like them? Please let me know in the comments