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I don't like the balm dotcom by Glossier

the glossier coconut balm dotcom birthday balmdotcom

Unpopular opinion: I do not like the Glossier balms.

Ok, don't shoot just yet. Hear me out!
I have had acne for 14 long years now and so have been on acne treatments who dry lips like hell for 14 long years. I've tried just about every type of lip balm, stick or cream - and this ain't it!

There are two type of lip balms: the ones that actually hydrate your lips and the ones that keep the moisture from leaving your lips. And these are the latter.

These type of products are usually vaseline-based (and by that I mean, the first ingredient is petrolatum jelly). They are good and fun if you got normal to dry lips and you just want to protect them from the harsh weather or soften dead skin before exfoliating (I do love them for that).

What they do not do: actually hydrate your lips deeply as a lip balm should! So they feel great once you apply them but you quickly realise you have to reapply more and more because they're not doing anything. And for extremely chappy and dry lips this is not what you want!

To sum up, vaseline itself does not hydrate your lips, it forms a nice and fatty barrier between your lips and the world so that they're protected but their condition underneath stays the same. And, even if after petrolatum jelly they inject the product with amazing ingredients, they most likely won't be able to penetrate the jelly to get to the lips.
Basically, they're lip protectors - not lip hydrators.

Hydrating lip balms I would recommend are (in order from the most liquid to the most solid):

What do you think?
Have you tried the Glossier balms and love them? Or do you feel like they don't do much and are just really yummi? (Because they are, specially the birthday cake one!)