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The J.One Jelly Packs

j.one jelly pack j.one black jelly pack overnight mask hydrating mask
j.one jelly pack j.one black jelly pack overnight mask hydrating mask texture

You guys know I've been obsessed with Korean Beauty lately, right?
And one of the brands I had the pleasure of working with was J.One and they sent me a few of their products, including these two packs (aka masks).

Very simply, they're two gel face masks that will leave you skin super plump, hydrated and glowy.

The (White) Jelly Pack* is a very thick and goopy clear gel that you apply after cleansing, leave for a few minutes, and wash off. It says it helps with firmness, elasticity and with tightening the pores. Not sure it can live to all of those, as I did not notice much difference in the pore portion of the promises, but the others are very clearly met.
Also washes off pretty easily with no residue behind.

The Black Jelly Pack* is an overnight mask, which means you apply it as you would a moisturiser and just leave it overnight to wash in the morning!
It's a loss less tacky than the white one, of course, like a dark gel moisturiser really - that will not stain anything.
This one promises glowing and hydrated skin by morning time and it doesn't lie at all. I apply it on top of toners, essences and serums, of course. And I'll always let it sink in for a long while and then seal it off with a facial oil because that's my thing ahah but be careful to let it sink in completely, otherwise the mask will just peel off and roll right out of your face.

But I do enjoy both the angel and devil masks in their own way!
And I can't wait to try the brand's capsule cream that I've been keeping on my shelf for a while due to my raging breakouts. It sounds sooo yummi though!

Have you heard of J.One? They now sell at Cult Beauty too!
And are you a fan of K-Beauty in general or not really?

I feel like they've grown quite a lot from the generic cheap-ish brands and created a whole more adult niche where I see myself getting lost! Let me know your thoughts :)

* PR Sample