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The Lookfantastic Exclusive Brush Set

The Lookfantastic Exclusive Brush Set
The Lookfantastic Exclusive Brush Set

So I have been so MIA it's not even cute anymore.

But a week ago I got the amazing chance of visiting the Lookfantastic HQ near Manchester, you can see the vlog here.
A few weeks ago they launched a competition for up and coming bloggers called #TheBeautySet. I got into the 24 finalists and had a chance to go over and meet the Lookfantastic team, as well as get my hair and nails done and do some quick screen shots and a photoshoot.
And now you'll get to vote for me to be one of the 5 WINNERS! Pretty please?
Just go here, select my flat lay photo, set your info in and vote!

However, I did leave their offices with tons of new blogger friends, an amazing day behind me and a FANTASTIC goodie bag!
And in that goodie bag, I found this 8-piece brush set (among other beautiful things I'll talk about soon).

But I just HAD to talk about this because it is SO cheap and SO soft! It's unbelievable... They're one of the softest brushes I've ever felt and they do. not. shed! Not even a little... I am astonished!

I do believe this is limited edition though, not sure... But I'd hurry if I were you!

This brush set has:

1 x wing eyeliner brush which is very soft, very similar to the Zoeva one I have but a little softer and less sharp I'd say.
1 x brow shader brush which is a little bigger than most but, again, veeeery soft and very fine so it's hella precise.
1 x colour depositing brush which, compared to the Zoeva smokey shader, is flatter, less fluffy and more precise; so it's less of a shader and even more of a depositing one.
1 x fluffy pointed blender brush which is... well, fluffy! It's a really thick one so it will pack on a lot of pigment but still round enough to blend gently and fade out at that crease
1 x larger shader brush which is, again, super fluffy and I'd say a fluffier version of the depositing one - so it's a half way between the Zoeva smokey shader and the Tweezerman blender brush (which is not as soft and a little larger). LOVELY if you want a simple one eyeshadow blended look!
1 x flat contour brush, which is great for powder contour. I have the Zoeva flat contour brush, but the synthetic one, which I love for cream or liquid contour but feel it falls short for powder. This one has natural hair bristles so it does pick up powder contour quite easily and it is rounder and buffs everything out a little better.
1 x angled blush brush, which is perhaps the softer synthetic brush I've EVER felt and picks up pigment quite nicely.
1 x fluffy powder brush that I use as a blush brush more than powder as I usually love my powder brushes rather round and kabuki-ish. But it is perfect for a really natural and sheer look that is quite blended out.

Summing up, this is a perfect starter kit to be honest. It's cheap and very high quality AND you can get 15% off with the code 'LF15'. GO!