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The Micellar Solution Mix

Micellar solutions are, in one way or another, a stable on my skincare stock. So I'm bringing to you the ones hanging around the house nowadays. I usually only wear them when I am super lazy or in a crazy rush, because, otherwise, I do the oil cleanse. However, I still don't use it on my eyes unless I absolutely have to - I'd rather use my cleansing jelly, Dioptidémaq by Lierac - because I feel like I have to insist too much and my eye area gets super red.

Let's start by the classic Sensibio (Créaline) H2O by Bioderma, which I spoke of here: it's soft and efficient. There's not much to add: it removes makeup pretty well (they say it does not remove waterproof makeup as well, but I don't use it, so I can't really tell you about that). It's one of my favourites, because it doesn't irritate my skin and takes everything off.
They say the L'Oréal's 3 in 1 Purifying Solution is a good drugstore dupe, but I think it's less gentle and a little bit more drying. I still use it when my skin feels less dehydrated (rare days)... However, I don't think I'll repurchase as I do prefer Bioderma's.
Corine de Farme's Pure Micellar Water
is also in the same boat and, in my opinion, it's right there between the Bioderma and the L'Oréal when it comes to being gentle. I also think it's really effective and takes everything off with a great quality-price ratio.
We still have Lierac Prescription's Soothing and Balancing Micellar Solution which is also gentle but very different from all of the above. I've also spoken of it here and I still love it - it's pretty soft and pleasant to use, removes it all and it's, perhaps, my favourite, because it does leave a little moisture film in your skin - of course everything depends on your skin status and what we want from the solution, but, when I'm just removing makeup and I'll cleanse skin afterwards, this one is the perfect choice!
And, to end the sensitive skin chapter we have Nuxe's Micellar Solution*, which is a bit strange compared to the others. It's not too drying, but it's the less gentle of them all... I don't feel like it removes makeup as well and the scent might be a little off-putting - I wouldn't definitely purchase the full size.

For the oilier and less sensitive skin types, we have Caudalie's micellar solution that, even though it's not meant specially for this skin type, I find a bit too drying for the classic dry skin. It does remove makeup really well and smells delicously, but, having skin chronically dehydrated, I don't think I'll purchase the full size.
And, last but not leat (at all), we have Bioderma's Sébium H2O, that I spoke of here. I continue to love it and to use it when my skin is less dehydrated and sensitive. Love it! And I definitely recommend it for oily and combination skin types.

Have you experimented any of these micellar solutions? And what did you think?
What do you think of the whole concept in general? Do you use them gladly or do you prefer other types of makeup removers?

*PR Sample